5 Frames That Make Amazing Wedding Picture Frames

A wedding is one of the biggest events in your life. It’s also the one event that’s most likely to be captured in photographs. There’s just as much of a chance that these pictures will be on your walls forever. Every reason to be as careful about picking your wedding picture frames as you are about picking your photographer. To help you select the best wedding picture frames, we have listed five surprising options below (and a bonus option for more inspiration):

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A black with gold frame This black with gold frame is one of the best examples of wedding picture frames

Although a black frame is very classy in itself, this wooden black frame with decorative golden band on the inside of the frame will elevate your wedding picture to a new level. Its eye-catching design makes it especially suitable for bigger pictures. With the golden band, this frame is also fitted for pictures without a mat.

Silver Compo Frame

This silver ornamental wooden picture frame makes one of the best custom wedding picture frames

This Silver Compo frame is just as much of an eye catcher as your wedding picture itself. With the ornamental edge and the classical look of the silver, it makes a great wedding picture frame. Especially for weddings in a very classical setting, with a black and white or sepia-filtered picture, this frame will make an endless highlight of your home that always reminds you of the wedding day itself.

Ivory with Moss Silver

this ivory frame makes a great wedding picture frameThis wooden frame in ivory doesn’t just have a bigger potential of matching the wedding dress to a tee, it also makes the most adventurous frame in this list. The moss silver adds something special to this frame that works great with pictures from an outdoor wedding.

Brushed Satin NickleThis metal satin custom picture frame is a great wedding picture frame

While less adventurous than the wooden ivory frame, this Brushed Satin Nickle frame is a very classic choice. The metal frame adds a classic and surprising touch, while the color makes the perfect match for a black and white picture. If the frame by itself is too harsh for your taste, consider adding a mat to soften the aesthetic of the frame.

Valucore Flat Black with Bevel LipThis valucore frame makes a great and affordable option for your wedding picture frames

This Valucore Flat Black with Bevel Lip is one of the more classic options for your wedding picture frames. The Valucore material makes this a remarkably affordable option, while still maintaining the perfect fit for your wedding picture.

Bonus options

For more options and great wedding gifts, our special ‘wedding and romance’ section can help you find even more!



4 perfect and personal wedding anniversary gifts

Most people think of custom picture frames as a way to display your pictures and artwork, but they also make a great personal anniversary gift. Because you can use a custom picture frame for a wide variety of objects (aside from pictures and artwork), they make a very versatile anniversary gift. In this blog post, we have found five personal wedding anniversary gifts that will surprise your significant other and make it easy to find your wedding anniversary gift on a budget.

Family tree in a box frame

One of the most exciting and precious gifts is a family tree. Especially for couples who’ve been together for a few years and started a family, a family tree can be a perfect ode to your family. While the basics idea will be the same, you can unleash your creativity to really make a family tree your own. If you decide to use craft materials instead of a tree that fits a piece of paper, consider a shadow box frame. The added depth will make your gift a centerpiece in any room.

Wedding vows in a frame

Chances are you’ve got a wedding picture somewhere in your house. But over the years, your vows have probably replaced the wedding day as the most important thing in your marriage, even if you’ve never explicitly thought about them. A collage that focuses on your wedding vows can be a great gift to surprise your spouse. Whether you made your own vows or used a standard vow, you can frame them in a fancy font and decorate it with pictures, memories, or a love letter that underlines the vows in your own words.

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A timeline in pictures

A personal photo gallery of your memories together can be a fantastic way to commemorate your favorite moments together, and perhaps reflect on different times in your relationship. You can select a picture for each year of your relationship and put them in a custom picture frame by using our custom mat designer. This also allows you to put years and other texts with the pictures for a great custom experience.

Your love in one word

Another great gift idea that comes straight from our custom picture mat designer is a mat with cut out letters. Each letter houses a different picture. You can choose to display your last name, a general word like ‘LOVE’, or a word that means something to the two of you. Whichever word you choose, this is a great way to quickly make a wedding anniversary gift that feels personal and intimate.  


Custom picture frames are an easy way to find the perfect wedding anniversary gift. Even if you choose a gift that doesn’t actually include pictures, anything that comes in a frame will be personal and thoughtful. If you’re looking for more inspiration after these four suggestions, have a look at our gift center or read some of our other blog posts about gift ideas.

What other wedding anniversary gifts can you fit in a frame?