10 Truly Inspirational Photography Quotes

photography quote about the soul by Jean-Luc Godard
“When you photograph a face, you photograph the soul behind it.” – Jean-Luc Godard
photography quote by Diane Arbus
“I never took a photo that I intended. They’re always better or worse.” – Diane Arbus
photography quote about self by Ernst Haas
“There’s only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”
photography quote about looking dumb by Abraham Lincoln
“There are no bad pictures, that’s just how your face looks sometimes.”
photography quote about interesting stuff by Jim Richardson
“If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.”
photography quote about interesting stuff by Jim Richardson
“In photography there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated.” – August Sander
photography quote about photographing what you love by Tim Walker
“Only photograph what you love.” – Tim Walker
photography quote about photographing what you love by Annie Leibovitz
“A thing you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.” – Annie Leibovitz
photography quote about street photography by Bruce Gilder
“If you can smell the street by looking at the photo, it is a stress photograph.” – Bruce Gilder
photography quote by Roger Kingston
“A camera is a ‘save’ button for the mind’s eye.” – Roger Kingston


5 Frames That Make Amazing Wedding Picture Frames

A wedding is one of the biggest events in your life. It’s also the one event that’s most likely to be captured in photographs. There’s just as much of a chance that these pictures will be on your walls forever. Every reason to be as careful about picking your wedding picture frames as you are about picking your photographer. To help you select the best wedding picture frames, we have listed five surprising options below (and a bonus option for more inspiration):

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A black with gold frame This black with gold frame is one of the best examples of wedding picture frames

Although a black frame is very classy in itself, this wooden black frame with decorative golden band on the inside of the frame will elevate your wedding picture to a new level. Its eye-catching design makes it especially suitable for bigger pictures. With the golden band, this frame is also fitted for pictures without a mat.

Silver Compo Frame

This silver ornamental wooden picture frame makes one of the best custom wedding picture frames

This Silver Compo frame is just as much of an eye catcher as your wedding picture itself. With the ornamental edge and the classical look of the silver, it makes a great wedding picture frame. Especially for weddings in a very classical setting, with a black and white or sepia-filtered picture, this frame will make an endless highlight of your home that always reminds you of the wedding day itself.

Ivory with Moss Silver

this ivory frame makes a great wedding picture frameThis wooden frame in ivory doesn’t just have a bigger potential of matching the wedding dress to a tee, it also makes the most adventurous frame in this list. The moss silver adds something special to this frame that works great with pictures from an outdoor wedding.

Brushed Satin NickleThis metal satin custom picture frame is a great wedding picture frame

While less adventurous than the wooden ivory frame, this Brushed Satin Nickle frame is a very classic choice. The metal frame adds a classic and surprising touch, while the color makes the perfect match for a black and white picture. If the frame by itself is too harsh for your taste, consider adding a mat to soften the aesthetic of the frame.

Valucore Flat Black with Bevel LipThis valucore frame makes a great and affordable option for your wedding picture frames

This Valucore Flat Black with Bevel Lip is one of the more classic options for your wedding picture frames. The Valucore material makes this a remarkably affordable option, while still maintaining the perfect fit for your wedding picture.

Bonus options

For more options and great wedding gifts, our special ‘wedding and romance’ section can help you find even more!



3 Blog Posts We Loved in July

We’re always looking to provide our audience with the best information on the web about the visual arts, photography, and organizing. Each month, we assemble the most popular blog posts that we shared in that month. For this post, have a look at July’s most popular posts. And make sure to visit our Facebook page to never miss an update again. 

Home décor: How to declutter by giving something away

Decluttering is all the hype these days. A lot of people find themselves with more stuff than they need or have room for. Decluttering is all about making room by using space more efficiently, or by strategically getting rid of stuff. This blog post combines the latter with a heartwarming gesture. Originally focused on ‘Give Something Away Day’, the message of this blog post is pretty much timeless.

Photography: how so many Instagram pictures look alike

Sometimes when you scroll through your Instagram feed, you can get the impression that a lot of Instagram photos look alike. You’re not alone in that. This Instagram account combines these copycat photos and combines them in one post, creating a wonderful visual effect.

Visual arts: How to make your pictures more realistic

Realism is in details. For beginners, it’s hard to find what details add the realism that seems so hard to grasp. In this blog post, the writer lays out five tips that will make your paintings seem much more realistic by focusing on the right things.

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3 Blog Posts We Loved in May

We love photography and the visual arts. That’s why we’re always looking to find you the best blog posts. In this post, we give you an overview of the most popular blog posts we told you about in May. Take a look at our Facebook page to never miss one again. And if you’ve got a blog you want to share, just leave it in the comments below!

Home décor: Simple Tips for Decorating With Accessories

Decorating with accessories can be tricky. It’s a fine line between well-chosen accessories that add soul to your living spaces and a cluttered space full of knick-knacks. To get the balance right, Tonya Lee shares six clear principles that will help everyone in their decision-making process. By following these simple tips, you’ll know that what to place where in your house, and which items to place in the donation bin.

Photography: 5 Easy Fixes for Common Posing Mistakes

Couple pictures can be the cutest thing in the world, but it’s very likely that it takes a lot of tries to get a picture just right…

With this blog post, you’ll improve all your couple pictures by remembering five simple tweaks. And if five tips are too much to remember, just remember that the closer you stand, the cuter the picture seems to get.

Visual arts: Stars of Night, the World Light Painting Mosaic

This piece of artwork is truly unique. It blends different art forms to honor one of the greatest paintings known. Light painting is a special photography form where you leave the shutter open longer. This captures the movement of light to create a new shape. This mosaic was created by cutting the original image into 456 ‘tiles’. Next, people signed up to participate in the final product. Piece by piece, this mosaic was completed to the point where all of the painting was reflected in 456 uniquely-made mosaic tile pictures. It’s an inspiring project on many different levels, and worth a visit.

Frames by Mail blog: 5 ‘Picture A Day Blogs’ around the world

Ironically, your favorite blog post this month was an introduction to five different photography blogs. These five picture-a-day blogs made for the most visited blog post in May.

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5 ‘Picture A Day Blogs’ Around the World

Do you love taking pictures? Many people enjoy the simple joy of taking pictures and sharing them with others. It’s a relaxing hobby that allows us to showcase our own individual style. Many photographers create fun picture books, use custom picture frames to make nice displays around the home or just have a fun time with images. As recent studies have shown, taking a picture every day can even be beneficial to your well-being. Some people post a daily picture on what could be called ‘picture a day blogs’. We have compiled a list of five such blogs that are definitely worth a visit.

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girl taking a picture with a camera

National Geographic

National Geographic features a photo a day page from each day of the year. The images are complete with a caption that shows what the images is all about. Individuals can send images to them. National Geographic features a storytelling community where you can get feedback on images, take part in various photo assignments and get images published on the daily photo page.

Lens New York Times

Lens from the New York Times features daily images from our world. These images can be graphic at times, so caution is advised as they showcase real events such as disasters, war and other topics. This blog gives you a unique view into our world with the events and forces that change it daily. The images are a powerful look into the human condition.

Woody Campbell

Woody Campbell offers a unique picture blog. He takes one picture each day and has been doing this since 2009. His goal is to take one image each day and post it on his blog until the end of his life. The images on the blog are also all in black and white. This is an amazing picture blog that you have to see.

A Picture Each Day

A Picture a Day feature images from each day of the year is one of the oldest ‘picture a day blogs’ dating from 2007. The blog hardly misses a day, so it’s a nice active picture a day blog. The images cover all sorts of topics and there’s a nice caption with each image for you to read. Anyone could start a blog like this and put their images up online. You could even take the best images, use some custom picture frames, and create some nice displays around your work space for inspiration when you work on your own blog.

365 Project

365 Project is an excellent photo a day site and a good learning tool. The goal is for the members to upload a picture a day for 365 days. Each member gets their own blog page and you can comment on the images. This is the perfect site to gather some inspiration and discuss your love of photography with other individuals. There’s over 160,000 members so there’s no shortage of great images to look at.


These blogs will give photography lovers a lot of inspiration. Maybe you could start your own blog to showcase your love for taking pictures. The best part about a picture a day blog is that there’s so many amazing sites to see as this list just scratches the surface. Do you have any picture a day blogs that you like to visit?

3 Blog Posts We Loved In April

We know that custom picture frames can be very versatile, just like you. And while we love our frames and applying them to every single part of life, we sometimes turn to others to find ways for you to fill them. In this blog post, we’ll take you through the three blog posts we absolutely loved in April. There’s one photography blog, one artist blog, and one blog on home décor. If you’ve got a blog you want to share, leave it in the comments!

Copyright for the pictures for the respective blogs and websites listed in this post.

Photography: 9 Composition Tips For Shooting Good Landscape Photos

Great online photography tutorials can be hard to find. Most tutorials seem geared towards professionals who are trying to make photography their business and spend more time with Photoshop than with a camera stuck on their face. What about us, the people who want to get better at taking pictures just for its own sake?

We found us something. This fantastic blog post gives very practical tips on how to shoot better landscape pictures. It even uses sloppy lines the way your old teachers used to do. It’s the perfect kind of blog post for someone looking to shoot better landscape photos.

Visual Arts: 11 Things To Do After You Finish A Painting

Finishing a painting is a great feeling of accomplishment. Nothing will make you feel more accomplished than putting those last few brush strokes on the canvas and stepping back to watch your work. But then what? Before you move on to the next painting, consider these 11 things to do with your painting.

Now, there’s a twelfth step missing, but our catalogue of custom picture frames will cover that last step whenever you’re ready.

Home Décor: Living Room Focal Point Decorating Tips

We must admit, we’re going to be biased towards any blog post that includes the phrase ‘almost anything can be framed’. But even without a bias, this blog post on creating a focal point in your living room is a great creativity catalyst.

It gives five great tips on how to create a focal point and create order in your living room and how it looks. It’s so realistic, it even includes planning for a clutter space.

And your favorite blog post on our own blog:

Speaking of popular blog posts, the favorite post on our own blog was on selecting a great mat for your custom picture frame. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, yet, make sure you catch up on your reading here.