5 White Picture Frames That Go Beyond White

Some of our most popular picture frames include white picture frames. A white picture frame is classy and versatile, so it can be used in a lot of different situations. By combining white picture frames with a custom mat, you can even balance the basic white with a more exciting color or accent. These five white picture frames are nothing but ordinary. While they’re all white frames, they each have something that sets them apart from normal white frames. Any of these five picture frames will give your space a unique feel, while keeping the classy and versatile nature of white frames.

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1. White Bead Lip

Picture Frame 1.625 inch ValuCore White Bead LipThis rustic-looking frame is one of our Valucore picture frames. These frames are made from reused materials that offer a great look and flexibility at a sharp price. While a frame this thick is often used for larger pictures, it can be made to fit any piece of art or any picture you have in mind. The details on the frame help create a feeling of ruggedness and age. Those characteristics make it perfect for more classic artwork or a black and white picture.

2. Bone Scooped White Frame

Frame 20123 2.5 inch Wood White Bone ScoopedThis eye-catching frame has a number of unique characteristics that could elevate your framed picture from decoration to centerpiece. The texture, shade, and wooden materials make this frame a one-of-a-kind. It is perfect to mix up the classic feel of a white frame. It’s not just off-white, it’s a little rough around the edges. While this isn’t a save choice that works for everyone, it can be a bold statement that works perfect when picked for the right occasion.

3. Snowflake High Gloss Ornate

Frame 2044 3 inch Wood Snowflake High Gloss OrnateThis 3″ frame is one of the thickest frames out there, and the width is fully used by these ornate ‘snowflake-style’ carvings. While the frame has a darker hue of white, it has the same classic feel as a normal white frame. The bold presence of this frame means that it’s best reserved for an even bolder piece of art.

4. Ivory With Moss Silver Molten Series

this ivory frame makes a great wedding picture frameThis ivory-colored frame adds a creative spin to an off-white picture frame, making it a creative and adventurous choice for any piece of art or photograph. The 2.5″ wood frame isn’t just sturdy and thick. It also has more depth than you’ll find in any other frame, both literally and in the way the different tones pop out the longer you look at it.

5. Metal Smokey Marble

Like the Snowflake frame on spot #3, this metal frame is a darker shade of white. Aside from the tone, the first thing that stands out is the unique marble pattern. Combined with the metal, this creates a dynamic that serves as a subtle undertone for the piece on display. At the same time, this frame is eye-catching in its own right (especially combined with a sizable mat).

How to Assemble A Metal Picture Frame

Do you want to know exactly how to assemble a metal picture frame? This isn’t a very complicated process, but we have made it even easier for you with our guide. After reading this blog, you’ll be well on your way to assemble a metal picture frame in record time and ready for all your great images.

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Step One: The Box

Your frame comes to you in a custom fitted box. Take care when opening the box and use scissors or another tool to cut the seams of tape to open your box. Open the box and remove all the packing for the frame.

Step Two: Getting Ready to Assemble the Frame

The hardware for the frame will be in a separate bag inside the box, so make sure to put it aside as you’ll use it to build the frame. All the accessories required come with your purchase. There’s no picture wire included, so check out our supplies page for any hardware options when you place your order. The assembly pieces are labelled by their size and color so it’s easy to put together and this is in a separate box. Lay out the pieces and open the hardware bag.

Step Three: Basic Assembly

Start the assembly by locating the corner brackets. The male and female pieces fit together with the screw notches face up. You can then line this up with a piece of the frame which has notches on the back of it for the bracket. The long-sided frame piece is the base and you can assemble the shorter sides with brackets to the base. Next, tighten the screws so the pieces don’t wobble and lock in place. Leave the top frame piece, as assembly is later.

still from the video on how to assemble a metal picture frame

Step Four: Artwork and Mat

Put the mat on the print you have in this step. A single piece of tape on the top side of the artwork with sticky side up is what you want to do here as you line up your mat. Add your backing to the mat and the artwork. Put this underneath and lineup the outer edge to the outer edge. Clean off any debris which may have transferred to the artwork, mat or backing with a cloth so this doesn’t show up on the Plexiglass.

Step Five: Plexiglass and Picture Assembly

Peel the coating off one side of the Plexiglass. You them place this on top of the matted piece with the other covered coating side of the Plexiglass face up. You can line up everything and then remove the other coating side. Next, slide the entire piece into the grooves of the frame pieces and put the top piece on with the brackets.

Step Six: Spring Clips

Next part of the custom picture frame assembly is to install the spring clips. You push these gently under the lip of the frame which makes everything tight. Do this at the top and bottom of each side of the frame. You can then install the hanging brackets on the frame. In the bottom corners, you can install wall bumpers. These will protect the frame as well as the wall from scuffs.


It’s easy to learn how to assemble a metal custom picture frame. If you need any help, send us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to help you out.

How are you using your new custom picture frames?