5 Surprising Styles for Perfect Custom Poster Frames

Are you looking for custom poster frames? Poster frames can make your posters stand out to make them look even better and really attract people’s attention. That means you want a poster frame that is more than an ordinary frame. We feature several frames which look great and can help showcase all of your pictures. Our easy wizard will help you make a truly custom poster frame by selecting a precise size, and add options like backing, mat, and Plexi-glass. To make things even easier, we have selected five styles that you might want to consider for your poster frames.

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Classic Black Wood Frame

This frame is a classic black frame which looks great for all your posters. It would work well with a white mat to draw even more attention to the centerpiece, especially when you have a dark poster. For lighter posters, you could consider doing no mat at all. The contrast of frame and poster will catch everyone’s attention and truly honor the poster.

Vibrant Color Frame

If you have a poster that features a specific color, it can be a good idea to get a poster frame that highlights (or contrasts) that color. We feature several poster frames which have vibrant colors like blue, yellow, and red. Many frames come in standard white or black, but these frames all feature vibrant attractive colors that can help highlight your poster on the wall. You can pick the size and other options with our handy frame maker to really make it a custom poster frame.

Shiny Silver

shiny silver metal custom picture frameIf you want a frame that defies expectations, you should consider our shiny silver frame. This is an excellent custom poster frame that can help highlight your posters in a unique way and would match a modern interior.

Old Fashioned Frame Style

For posters that need a classic feel, you might consider our fancy dark-toned frame. This frame has an attractive classic style which can highlight map posters as well as other posters. It’s perfect for framing vintage movie posters or art posters that deserve some special attention. The ornate mahogany rope style really helps draw the eye to your posters.

The Wow-Factor Frame

Sometimes you need a frame that is just a cut above everything else. This frame features a distressed white style and looks amazing.  This frame gives your posters an old style feeling. It could highlight any poster that you have and make them look very attractive. Use the frame make to pick the various options you need to go with this frame.


These custom picture frames make great poster frames as well. If you have a poster that you want to showcase, make sure you get a high-quality poster frames. More importantly, make sure you use custom poster frames that perfectly fit your posters. And if the above five suggestions don’t suit you, browse the biggest online catalogue of custom poster frames right here.


How to Assemble A Metal Picture Frame

Do you want to know exactly how to assemble a metal picture frame? This isn’t a very complicated process, but we have made it even easier for you with our guide. After reading this blog, you’ll be well on your way to assemble a metal picture frame in record time and ready for all your great images.

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Step One: The Box

Your frame comes to you in a custom fitted box. Take care when opening the box and use scissors or another tool to cut the seams of tape to open your box. Open the box and remove all the packing for the frame.

Step Two: Getting Ready to Assemble the Frame

The hardware for the frame will be in a separate bag inside the box, so make sure to put it aside as you’ll use it to build the frame. All the accessories required come with your purchase. There’s no picture wire included, so check out our supplies page for any hardware options when you place your order. The assembly pieces are labelled by their size and color so it’s easy to put together and this is in a separate box. Lay out the pieces and open the hardware bag.

Step Three: Basic Assembly

Start the assembly by locating the corner brackets. The male and female pieces fit together with the screw notches face up. You can then line this up with a piece of the frame which has notches on the back of it for the bracket. The long-sided frame piece is the base and you can assemble the shorter sides with brackets to the base. Next, tighten the screws so the pieces don’t wobble and lock in place. Leave the top frame piece, as assembly is later.

still from the video on how to assemble a metal picture frame

Step Four: Artwork and Mat

Put the mat on the print you have in this step. A single piece of tape on the top side of the artwork with sticky side up is what you want to do here as you line up your mat. Add your backing to the mat and the artwork. Put this underneath and lineup the outer edge to the outer edge. Clean off any debris which may have transferred to the artwork, mat or backing with a cloth so this doesn’t show up on the Plexiglass.

Step Five: Plexiglass and Picture Assembly

Peel the coating off one side of the Plexiglass. You them place this on top of the matted piece with the other covered coating side of the Plexiglass face up. You can line up everything and then remove the other coating side. Next, slide the entire piece into the grooves of the frame pieces and put the top piece on with the brackets.

Step Six: Spring Clips

Next part of the custom picture frame assembly is to install the spring clips. You push these gently under the lip of the frame which makes everything tight. Do this at the top and bottom of each side of the frame. You can then install the hanging brackets on the frame. In the bottom corners, you can install wall bumpers. These will protect the frame as well as the wall from scuffs.


It’s easy to learn how to assemble a metal custom picture frame. If you need any help, send us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to help you out.

How are you using your new custom picture frames?

How to Hang Pictures – 4 Ways to Get Your Artwork up on the Wall

Many people wonder how to hang pictures correctly on their walls. There are several different ways to hang your images, picture frames, or custom picture frames, so they display in a nice attractive way on the wall.  Before you actually hang the pictures, measure everything so you know the exact size of the frames you need. You’ll need to look at the overall space and decide how you want to arrange things before you start hanging. It’s always a good idea to sketch out the overall arrangement before you hang the images to get a good idea of how you want things. Below we’ve listed the four main ways to answer the question of how to hang pictures on your wall.

this blog post shows you how to hang a picture


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Mounting Brackets on the Wall

One way to hang your custom picture frame is with mounting brackets. Visit our supply page to pick up some brackets to mount your images. Make sure you use a stud finder to ensure the picture is held in place securely. These brackets are usually quite sturdy and a good option for most pictures. Check out our instruction page for proper installation.

Attaching A Wire to Both Ends of The Frame

Another common option to hang a picture frame is to use a wire which attaches to each end of the frame. We offer several different wires for your picture frames. Picture wire is very easy to install. You just measure the frame from end to end, save some wiggle room, and then cut off the right length of wire for the frame. You’ll need some strap hangers to attach the wire to.

A Saw Tooth Hanger

Another option for lighter picture frames is to use a saw tooth hanger. Refer to our supplies page for saw tooth hanger options for all your custom picture frames. Make sure the hanger won’t be seen from above the frame so take care before you install it. The installation of a saw tooth hanger is quite easy. It’s best to install the hanger in the middle of the frame so the frame hangs evenly. You can make a pencil mark at the frame center point and align the hook with it. Some hooks have a mark in the middle which makes it easier to do. Use a hammer or a screwdriver depending upon what the hanger needs for installation.

Security Locks

If you want to know how to hang picture frames in the best way, take a look at our security locks. These locking systems have major benefits. They will secure the artwork in your wall, so it doesn’t fall off. It also prevents tampering or theft of the artwork. If you want your treasured artwork to be safe, security locks are the way to go. These locks are easy to set up and come in a ready-to-go kit, so you have everything you need to install them.


Now that you’ve seen the four best ways, you’ll never have to wonder how to hang pictures again. These are the best ways to install your picture frames and custom picture frames. Your frames will look great on the wall and you have several options for setting them up. Security locks are the best option as they have more benefits than other mounting techniques.

What option do you like the best to install your picture frames?

How to Measure for a Picture Frame

Getting a custom picture frame will improve any image you have and look amazing on the wall. One of the common questions we are asked is how people should measure to get the best size of custom picture frame. Aside from style options -a certain frame style may look better with a smaller image than a large one- knowing how to measure for a picture frame takes a bit of knowledge. In the video and the blog post below, we’ll show you exactly how to measure for a picture frame.

Step One: Take Your Measurements

The first thing you need to do is take the measurements of your images. This is easy to do with a tape measure or a standard ruler. All you need to do is measure the width and the height of the image you wish to hang on the wall and write those measurements down.

Step Two: Measure the Outer Edge for Just a Frame

If you want only a picture frame and nothing else added, make sure you measure from one outer edge to the other outer edge of the image that you wish to hang. The artwork is going to be the exact outside width and height of the image you’re using. Anything outside of those measurements will be covered by the frame once you put the picture in, so keep in mind what you want to show.

Step Three: Using a Mat

If you’re using a mat, you need to take off 1/8th of an inch from each side of the image you wish to use which allows the mat to overlap. It’s your decision whether you want a mat or not, but it can add some flair to your images. It’s usually used for smaller images but also works for larger works.

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Step Four: If You Have No Mat

If you don’t want a mat, just measure from one outer edge to the other of the image you wish to hang.

Step Five: Visit Our Site

The next step involves visiting our site and picking the perfect frame for your picture. We have the biggest selection of wooden and metal frames available, and can offer you some styling tips in our blog or you can pick from the most popular five wooden frames we offer. You can pick the exact frame size you want, choose a mat finish, backing type, plexiglass, linen liner, frame type, and so on. 

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You have a few things to consider before selecting a frame. Once you’ve made up your mind on style choices, you now also know how to measure for a picture frame. For any other questions about framing, watch our other instructional videos, or visit our assembly instructions page.


5 edgy frames for your abstract art

Are you looking for the best frames for your abstract art? We offer an abundant choice in modern custom picture frames. It can be difficult to make a decision when you’ve got too many good choices, though. That’s why we’ve highlighted five edgy frames for your abstract art. Any of these frames will truly enhance your abstract artwork.

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Ornate Frames

An ornate frame might not be the first option you’d consider. Abstract art has a modern feel and you might wonder if an ornate frame clashes with that. However, when done on purpose, it can add an attention-grabbing contrast. For a great contrast, consider using a white ornate picture frame with abstract art in darker tones.

template picture of a white ornate custom picture frame

Large Simple Frames

Sometimes simplicity can capture the eye in a split second. An abstract and non-traditional painting can look like a million dollars without even much effort. The secret is in picking a larger frame with a sizeable mat. This draws the eye to the picture in the middle. For an extra touch, make sure you match the color of the frame with your artwork and create this sophisticated and elegant style. Our black plain frames offer a good variety of custom picture frames that will deliver the desired effect.

Shadow box frames

These are deeper frames that will literally add depth to your artwork. They grab attention and tend to add a touch of mystery to the composition. To enhance this effect even more, combine it with the larger size and corresponding mat we talked about in the previous entry. We offer shadow boxes in wood or metal.

An abstract-looking frame

If you want to double up on the effect of your abstract artwork, picking an abstract frame can work exceptionally well. You will have the best luck choosing this route if your artwork itself is not as busy. For straight lines and a limited color pallet, an abstract frame might work very well. Consider our wooden black with moss silver molten series, for example. This broad frame has a rough feel to it, that might balance out a composed abstract picture.

one of a number of black abstract custom picture frames for your abstract art


Whatever you choose, keep in mind that the beauty of your artwork can be highlighted and even enhanced with a well-chosen frame. When considering abstract pictures and artwork, you want to find a balance between getting a great frame and one that doesn’t draw away from the framed work itself. These four options above can give you a start in the right direction, but never be afraid to try something a little different, either.

What’s your favorite frame for abstract art?