5 Surprising Styles for Perfect Custom Poster Frames

Are you looking for custom poster frames? Poster frames can make your posters stand out to make them look even better and really attract people’s attention. That means you want a poster frame that is more than an ordinary frame. We feature several frames which look great and can help showcase all of your pictures. Our easy wizard will help you make a truly custom poster frame by selecting a precise size, and add options like backing, mat, and Plexi-glass. To make things even easier, we have selected five styles that you might want to consider for your poster frames.

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Classic Black Wood Frame

This frame is a classic black frame which looks great for all your posters. It would work well with a white mat to draw even more attention to the centerpiece, especially when you have a dark poster. For lighter posters, you could consider doing no mat at all. The contrast of frame and poster will catch everyone’s attention and truly honor the poster.

Vibrant Color Frame

If you have a poster that features a specific color, it can be a good idea to get a poster frame that highlights (or contrasts) that color. We feature several poster frames which have vibrant colors like blue, yellow, and red. Many frames come in standard white or black, but these frames all feature vibrant attractive colors that can help highlight your poster on the wall. You can pick the size and other options with our handy frame maker to really make it a custom poster frame.

Shiny Silver

shiny silver metal custom picture frameIf you want a frame that defies expectations, you should consider our shiny silver frame. This is an excellent custom poster frame that can help highlight your posters in a unique way and would match a modern interior.

Old Fashioned Frame Style

For posters that need a classic feel, you might consider our fancy dark-toned frame. This frame has an attractive classic style which can highlight map posters as well as other posters. It’s perfect for framing vintage movie posters or art posters that deserve some special attention. The ornate mahogany rope style really helps draw the eye to your posters.

The Wow-Factor Frame

Sometimes you need a frame that is just a cut above everything else. This frame features a distressed white style and looks amazing.  This frame gives your posters an old style feeling. It could highlight any poster that you have and make them look very attractive. Use the frame make to pick the various options you need to go with this frame.


These custom picture frames make great poster frames as well. If you have a poster that you want to showcase, make sure you get a high-quality poster frames. More importantly, make sure you use custom poster frames that perfectly fit your posters. And if the above five suggestions don’t suit you, browse the biggest online catalogue of custom poster frames right here.


5 Custom Frames for Someone with a Special Hobby

Many of us have special hobbies that we love. If (part of) your hobby can be displayed, you might to showcase something unique from that hobby in a frame around your house. With the custom frames we listed below, you can highlight your love of a certain hobby. For five different hobbies, here are some of our products that can help you celebrate a hobby:

Special Sports Mats

Let’s say you love practicing a certain sport like baseball or basketball. You could highlight a small piece of memorabilia with a special sports mat. This can make the item stand out even more and draws the viewers’ eyes to the item within the display. You could use a sports card, image, or any other small item and highlight it with a custom mat.

LP Display Case

You may have a love of collecting records and old record memorabilia, or music in general. One way to display those old records is with an LP display case. You can showcase all the records that you love on your wall. You might decide to arrange them by the various genres such as rock, blues, jazz, country, and so on and use the display cases as a gallery display of your favorite artists.

Baseball Display Case

Baseball is a hobby that many people love. By using a baseball display case, you can showcase all the baseballs you have collected over the years. Some of them might even have signatures, so this is a great way to highlight some of the signatures you have from your favorite baseball players.

A Movie Poster Frame

A custom poster frame can be a great way to showcase your love of movies. You could display the various movie posters that you love on your wall. One way you could go about this would be to spice up a home theatre room. You could display movie posters based on genres or come up with your own theme to make the display unique.

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A Shadow Box

Another way to use custom frames is to use a shadow box idea. You could display small items in the box such as a picture, medals, ribbons, or other small items that you have. One way to use the box would be to display some type of award you have received or something that has sentimental value to your family. For example, maybe you won a small certificate or trophy at a sport. You could display this item in the shadow box. There’s many ways you can work with a shadow box, you’re only limited by your imagination.


You have many ways you can use custom picture frames. These frames can be used to highlight small items that you care about or create themes in your home such as pictures, posters, and so much more. By getting custom frames, you can use them to highlight your own design style and flair and to make your images and other items pop out at those that are viewing them.

3 Blog Posts We Loved in May

We love photography and the visual arts. That’s why we’re always looking to find you the best blog posts. In this post, we give you an overview of the most popular blog posts we told you about in May. Take a look at our Facebook page to never miss one again. And if you’ve got a blog you want to share, just leave it in the comments below!

Home décor: Simple Tips for Decorating With Accessories

Decorating with accessories can be tricky. It’s a fine line between well-chosen accessories that add soul to your living spaces and a cluttered space full of knick-knacks. To get the balance right, Tonya Lee shares six clear principles that will help everyone in their decision-making process. By following these simple tips, you’ll know that what to place where in your house, and which items to place in the donation bin.

Photography: 5 Easy Fixes for Common Posing Mistakes

Couple pictures can be the cutest thing in the world, but it’s very likely that it takes a lot of tries to get a picture just right…

With this blog post, you’ll improve all your couple pictures by remembering five simple tweaks. And if five tips are too much to remember, just remember that the closer you stand, the cuter the picture seems to get.

Visual arts: Stars of Night, the World Light Painting Mosaic

This piece of artwork is truly unique. It blends different art forms to honor one of the greatest paintings known. Light painting is a special photography form where you leave the shutter open longer. This captures the movement of light to create a new shape. This mosaic was created by cutting the original image into 456 ‘tiles’. Next, people signed up to participate in the final product. Piece by piece, this mosaic was completed to the point where all of the painting was reflected in 456 uniquely-made mosaic tile pictures. It’s an inspiring project on many different levels, and worth a visit.

Frames by Mail blog: 5 ‘Picture A Day Blogs’ around the world

Ironically, your favorite blog post this month was an introduction to five different photography blogs. These five picture-a-day blogs made for the most visited blog post in May.

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How to Hang and Frame Pictures Like a Museum

When it comes to hanging frames in your home, there are many things to consider that you might not even think of. For the best tips, look at what the pros are doing. You can gain a lot of insight about how to frame pictures from watching what museums do. After all, these experts have a lot of experience displaying frames in the most attractive ways. We have found some ways you can hang and frame pictures like a museum and listed them below.

frame pictures like a museum with these insider tips

Some Masterpieces Need A Built-Up

This one is counterintuitive, but maybe your best images shouldn’t be the first thing that people see when they walk into a room. They should be able to discover other images first before the big payoff of the most exciting image in your display. This will build up tension and anticipation of what will be discovered as you walk into a room. Museums do this all the time as they save the best images for later on in the display.

Subtle Colors Work Best for The Background

When it comes to your background, you want some subtle colors, so it doesn’t look too busy. These subtle colors will work best. Current color trends are blues, greys, and greens which are both popular in the museum setting and have many uses in home décor to highlight your pictures.

Uses Pieces to Complement Each Other

You should base your compositions on a theme or a style. For example, if you take a lot of flower images you can base the theme on a certain flower color. If you have images of sunsets you could create a theme using those images. Try to have groups of images that relate to each other instead of just random images as it will look better on a wall and add interest. This way, you can have both create the composition and frame pictures like a museum.

Avoid Damage

A painting might look terrific over the fireplace, but this area can get quite hot if you use the fireplace often and a delicate image may be damaged.  This can also be the case of the image is hung near a radiator. The canvas may melt over time and ruin the image. You should also be aware of exposing images to direct sunlight as they may fade over time. Museums take care when they hang images, so you must as well as they can’t be hung just anywhere in the home. For a more entry-level protection, consider our plexiglass option when composing your custom picture frame on our website.

Pick the Right Frame

It can be a good idea to get a custom picture frame for your artwork, so you can get things to look just the way you want. Museums use all sorts of fancy frames to highlight artwork and you can, too. There are many things that can add variety to a frame such as the right mat, so you have some decisions to make before you hang the images, but the easiest way to frame pictures like a museum is by putting a custom picture frame around it.

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Custom picture frames can make your images stand out. Take these tips from the pros at museums and use them to arrange your image display. You have a lot of options available to allow your own personality and style shine through.

Do you have other ideas for displaying picture frames in your home?


How to Enhance a Room with Custom Picture Frames

Whenever you do any interior design or decorating, you have many design decisions that you have to keep in mind. There are several ways to enhance a room and turn it from plain to extraordinary. One way to enhance any room in your home is by using custom picture frames. Below, we’ve listed some ways you can take picture frames and use them in any room in your home to showcase your design skills and overall style.

picture frames can truly enhance a room

Highlight an Image or Artwork

One way you can use custom picture frames to enhance a room is to take an image that you love and highlight that image in the room. When you use a nice picture frame, the image that you love is just going to stand out and it’s going to become a real highlight of the room where the picture is in. By leaving considerable space around it, you’ll draw even more attention to the frame. There are many different types of frames that you can buy which will match the style and design of the individual room that you want to change.

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Focal Point

If you want to enhance a room, you might want to create a focal point in the room. For example, this might be a nice leather couch and a matching loveseat. You might have a specific book case or another piece of furniture that is elegant and attracts the eye. Another way that you can add a focal point to a room is by using an attention-grabbing picture frame. This can be one of the first things a person sees when they come into the room. Their eyes are attracted to the image and the picture frame and this becomes one of the standard pieces of the room.

Fill a Plain Wall

One problem we often encounter when we’re trying to design a room, is that we can’t find anything to cover a certain wall. If you have a wall in one of your rooms that is plainly boring, you can spice it up by adding picture frames, or make a wall collage or gallery. When you add frames to the wall, you turn any ordinary wall into a place where memories and positivity are centered in your house.

Add to Your Theme

Perhaps you already have a room all laid out with a certain theme. You can add it to that theme in the room by using a custom picture frame that has the colors and certain design features that the room already has. This can make the room look much better, as everything is now uniform and you’re adding more visual appeal.

Showcase Your Love or Art and Images

You might be someone that simply loves artwork and taking photographs. You could enhance a room with a display of various picture frames which highlight certain images that you love. This will showcase your individual style and turn the room into a real talking point.


There are many ways to enhance a room. Using our custom picture frames, you’ll never run out of options to decorate and draw attention to the things you find most important in your life.

Do you have other ways that you like to use picture frames for designing a room?


5 Amazing Ways to Decorate A Home Theater

Do you own a home theater or viewing room and you’re wondering how to make it pop? If you’re struggling to figure out how to decorate a home theater, you have come to the right place. One way to decorate a home theater is with custom picture frames. By adding frames around your theater, it highlights your own personal style which brightens the room and makes it an attractive place for everyone to enjoy movies together. We have found five way to use custom picture frames in your home theater.

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decorate a home theater with themed pictures using custom picture frames

Favorite Movie Scenes

We all have movies that we love and cherish. You might and some custom picture frames that have still images from your favorite movie scenes which you enjoy. This might be your favorite characters from a movie like a comic book hero, favorite villain, or regular movie hero. There’s many ways you could go about this. You could add a scene from each of your favorite genres, for example. This is a simple way to decorate a home theater with your own style.

Movie Memorabilia

Another option for your picture frames might include memorabilia. For example, you can buy replica props from famous movies and add those to a frame. Another idea would be to add some movie tickets to the frame in a decorative way or get signed photographs from famous people in Hollywood and add those to the wall. You might include a small piece of memorabilia along with an image of the actor or actress that used the piece in a movie.

Movie Posters

Another option to use custom picture frames is to add movie posters in a display around the theater. There are many different posters you can buy that would make a great way to decorate a home theater. If you have a famous movie genre like horror for example, you could turn the wall into a horror theme and run with that idea.

Showcase Your Love for Movies

One unique thing you could do with custom picture frames is to showcase your love for movies. Today, we often take pictures of places we go to and this can include the movies. You could add images of friends and family going out to enjoy the movies and add these to the frame with captions to highlight the movie you enjoyed.

Movie History

Another fun idea for picture frames might be to highlight the evolution and history of movie from the start of the silver screen up until today’s big stars. You could give this a museum like feel and make it unique. For example, you could take famous movie image from history and write a paragraph or two under it to showcase how it changed movies.


These are the top five ways that you can you can use custom picture frames to decorate a home theater. By adding frames, you’ll give the home theater a unique look which everyone will love. There’s many other ways that you can decorate a home theater with picture frames besides the ones listed.

Do you have your own ideas for using custom picture frames in your home theater?

3 Blog Posts We Loved In April

We know that custom picture frames can be very versatile, just like you. And while we love our frames and applying them to every single part of life, we sometimes turn to others to find ways for you to fill them. In this blog post, we’ll take you through the three blog posts we absolutely loved in April. There’s one photography blog, one artist blog, and one blog on home décor. If you’ve got a blog you want to share, leave it in the comments!

Copyright for the pictures for the respective blogs and websites listed in this post.

Photography: 9 Composition Tips For Shooting Good Landscape Photos

Great online photography tutorials can be hard to find. Most tutorials seem geared towards professionals who are trying to make photography their business and spend more time with Photoshop than with a camera stuck on their face. What about us, the people who want to get better at taking pictures just for its own sake?

We found us something. This fantastic blog post gives very practical tips on how to shoot better landscape pictures. It even uses sloppy lines the way your old teachers used to do. It’s the perfect kind of blog post for someone looking to shoot better landscape photos.

Visual Arts: 11 Things To Do After You Finish A Painting

Finishing a painting is a great feeling of accomplishment. Nothing will make you feel more accomplished than putting those last few brush strokes on the canvas and stepping back to watch your work. But then what? Before you move on to the next painting, consider these 11 things to do with your painting.

Now, there’s a twelfth step missing, but our catalogue of custom picture frames will cover that last step whenever you’re ready.

Home Décor: Living Room Focal Point Decorating Tips

We must admit, we’re going to be biased towards any blog post that includes the phrase ‘almost anything can be framed’. But even without a bias, this blog post on creating a focal point in your living room is a great creativity catalyst.

It gives five great tips on how to create a focal point and create order in your living room and how it looks. It’s so realistic, it even includes planning for a clutter space.

And your favorite blog post on our own blog:

Speaking of popular blog posts, the favorite post on our own blog was on selecting a great mat for your custom picture frame. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, yet, make sure you catch up on your reading here.  

How To Make A Collage Using Picture Frames

Thanks to the variety of custom picture frames these days we can make a unique wall collage with our favorite pictures. The options are endless, and there is always a way to match a picture collage you’re your existing space. Whether you’re looking to decorate your kids’ bedrooms or hang a centerpiece in your living room, our tips below will get your creativity going.

picture to accompany blog post of how to build a wall collage with custom picture frames

A Composition of Metal Frames

Metal frames are generally considered the most fashionable photo frames that you can use for your wall collages. Their sleek and modern design can complement a sleek space, or create a playful contrast with a more traditional design. Make sure you match your frames with the existing composition and colors of the space you’re decorating.  Combine several of our metal frames and hang them side by side to craft a story with your photos. Our metal frames are classic, elegant and very neat. They work great with black and white pictures as well. You can even combine different colors of frames for a better look.  We offer silver, gold, copper and black shades in different styles and sizes.

Wooden Frames

Wooden frames are classics that will never go out of style. We have a number of ornate wooden frames that are great candidates to be the center piece and eye-catching middle of your collage. Our other wooden frames are also great candidates for a timeless display of your pictures and available in rosewood, black, green, navy, bronze, reverse mahogany, walnut, gold leaf and many other interesting shades. Depending on the colors of your walls and overall décor of your rooms, you can either choose the same color for all frames or opt for a mixture of shades to highlight each of your pictures.

Collage Frames

Maybe this feels like cheating, but a collage frame is a great way to enhance a wall collage. You can either consider our classic collage frames that fit a few pictures in one frame in a very classic way, or check out our gallery of multiple-opening mats that can convey a thoughtful and loving message; perfect to underline the idea of a wall collage in your living room. Consider for example our cutouts with words, where every letter is an opening for a picture. It’s the perfect way to complete a wall collage in a simple way.

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The only real limit to building a wall collage is your imagination. Our collection of custom picture frames is the largest collection you’ll find online and gives you endless possibilities to combine and create a stunning wall collage in your house.

5 Ideas for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is one of the most exciting holidays. It is the day when you can thank your mother for all her love, kindness and the life she gave you. As we try to show our love towards our mothers, finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be tricky. A personal and thoughtful gift can really show love in a unique way. We have complied a list of five perfect Mother’s Day gifts you can frame in our custom picture frames. Pick the idea that you like best, or run with it and make it your own! And if you have a great idea for a gift you can frame, don’t forget to leave it in the comments.

picture for the blog post suggesting ideas to get to the perfect Mother's Day gift

1. A Special Note

When you think of a perfect Mother’s Day gift you can frame, you might think first of a picture. While pictures can make a great gift, some notes can feel even more thoughtful. If you’ve ever written your mother a note as a kid, you can frame it or even try to remake it. Even better, you can use both and make a small collage (perhaps with a picture, too). But don’t hesitate to write a letter from scratch. This will not just warm your mother’s heart, but also show your love in a way you can’t just buy from a store.

Speaking of things you can buy in a store, check out these frames that would be perfect for a simple collage.

2. Heart-Shaped Photo Collage

If you want to use pictures, the best way to turn it into a perfect Mother’s Day gift is to create a collage in the shape of a heart. Hearts are popular around Mother’s Day and they’re a great way to turn normal pictures in a loving and thoughtful collage. It’s a display of love on so many levels, and will be the single best way to frame your love for your mother.

3. Box Frame

Another cool idea of framing a collage is by using a shadow box frame. This allows you to put anything you like inside the frame to decorate around a picture or the pictures you’re using. You can also include little notes, words, and even small objects that have a special meaning to you and your mother. If you can find it, a small gift from your childhood that your mother gave you or you gave her can be the perfect addition to a box frame.

4. Simple Collage Frame

A simple collage frame is perfect if you’re looking to build a collage for Mother’s Day but don’t have a lot of creativity. Our collage frames are the easiest way to bundle special pictures in one frame. A simple collage frame with three or four openings is by far the easiest way to get a lot of special in a small space. These frames are both modern and beautiful. They can hold several photos at the same time and will remind your mother of the special moments that you have spent together.

5. Our ‘Mother’ frame

There is an even easier way than getting a simple collage frame. Our special ‘Mother’ frame gives you six openings for pictures in the most fitting frame you can find for Mother’s Day. If there is a perfect Mother’s Day gift you can frame, this is it.


Whether you pick one of our suggestions or make them your own, browse our catalogue for the perfect frame. Showing and giving love has never been easier, and you can make a big impression this year by giving the perfect Mother’s Day gift. She will love the thought you’ve put into this and probably proudly display your love for everyone to see.


Great ways to decorate the bathroom

If you had something framed, where would you hang it? It’s most likely you’re thinking of your bedroom, living room or dining area. But are you forgetting about one room in particular? It’s a room that you and everyone in your house use on a frequent basis every day: your bathroom. Why would you decorate every room in your house with pictures except the bathroom?

picture of a bathroom with a large picture frame to accompany the blog post on how to decorate the bathroomThe bathroom is the most visited space where you go to get refreshed, so there is no reason not to decorate it. And there’s a good chance your bathroom has an empty wall that provides plenty of space for framed decorations. Once you start thinking about it, there are plenty of ways to decorate the bathroom.

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Frames to hang in your bathroom

  • Photographs – If you are a dreamer and most of your shower and bathroom time is spent planning and dreaming, then all you need for your day-dreaming inspiration is a great picture (or two). Use pictures from your recent travels or adventures or a destination you want to visit in the future. Pictures in custom frames also add to the overall aesthetics of the room.
  • Inspirational quotes – You spend a huge chunk of your mornings in the bathroom. A lot of reflection and thinking happens in this room, and for this reason, the bathroom is the perfect place to set the tone for the day. Surround yourself with the messages you want to remind yourself of and that you want to have an impact in your life and day. Quotes can serve as a motivation, give hope, or make us more of who we want to be.

“Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most.” – Buddha

An inspirational quote like the one above can motivate anyone and reinstate the feeling of hope.

  • Paintings – The bathroom can be a great and unexpected place to hang a piece of artwork that can delight you and your visitors when you visit the little room. If you or one of your family members is into art, the bathroom can be a great place to showcase their work.
  • Wall collage – If you have more than just a little space in your bathroom, try picking a theme and display things that are related to it and display them in a custom picture frame. Flowers, travel destinations, nature, waterfalls etc. You can use custom picture frames in different sizes, shapes and colors for an interesting combination.


The bathroom is a great space to showcase your artwork, interests and dreams. While you won’t have as much space as in other spaces in the house, a well-chosen custom picture frame and quote, picture, or piece of artwork can make a big difference in a small room. Unless your bathroom is an extraordinary size, most of your bathroom decorations should go in small frames.

What’s your favorite quote to start your day?