Our 5 most popular oak wood picture frames

Wooden picture frames are very popular. The timeless appeal to these frames and the ease with which they blend into most interiors makes them a staple through decades. When it comes to classy woods, oak has a special place among the different woods. This stately hardwood takes a long time to grow and has as much a majesty in the form of wooden boards as a stately oak does in a meadow. In this blog post, we have assembled our five most popular oak wood picture frames. We hope it helps you find your perfect picture frame, and please note that all these entries below are also custom picture frames that will fit any project.

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#1: Dark Oak High Back7-8 inch Dark Oak High Back picture frame

This very classic frame leaves no doubt on what kind of frame this is. The wood character of this oak frame isn’t only visible in the color, but also in the visible texture of the characteristically open grooves in the wood. The classic nature and blatant wood character of this frame make it a likely candidate for most popular among the oak wood picture frames.

#2: Oak Honey Color

In this frame we also see the grooves and wood that make classic oak wood picture frames so popular and recognizable, but in darker tones. This Oak Honey Color wood picture frame is a few shades darker and noticeably thicker than the first frame we looked at, but keeps the same timeless, classy look.

#3: Oak with Walnut Stain

Picture Frame 157a 1.75 inch Oak with Walnut Stain Rev

The third choice in our most popular oak wood custom picture frames, is this oak with walnut stain frame. What stands out about this frame isn’t just the even darker hue, but also the thick border. These elements make this frame very suitable for a big picture, such as a centerpiece painting in a room.


#4: Oak Round Top Honey ColorWood Picture Frame 1.75 inch Oak Round Top Honey Color

While the shades have been getting darker so far through this blog post, the number four spot is taken by the lightest frame yet. This Oak Round Top Honey Color picture frame has a medium-sized one inch frame and displays the wooden texture in a very light hue. Perfect for a lighter or more modern look than the oak with walnut stain, or for medium-sized pictures.

#5: Walnut on Oak ReversePicture Frame 1.75 inch Walnut on Oak Reverse picture frame

As the name suggests, this frame is a variation on the Oak with Walnut frame. In this reverse style, the walnut takes the spotlight. This makes a lighter frame, while the other elements from that frame are still intact. The classic look and thicker border still make this an excellent choice for bigger pieces that inevitably catch everyone’s attention.



5 Frames That Help You Sell Your Artwork

Custom picture frames are the finishing touch to your artwork and really increase the chance to sell your artwork, just because it looks more finished and professional. A picture frame enhances the attention given to the artwork by creating a composition that is more appealing and more professional. A frame helps in creating a sense of wholeness, but also provides structure and can protect your artwork to keep it in shape longer.

a framed picture will really help you sell your artwork

However, framing an artwork requires precision and an eye for aesthetics. Picking the right frame can be an art form all in itself. A well-chosen frame will enhance the appearance of the artwork while not taking away any attention from it, whereas a poorly-chosen frame can either draw too much attention or give the whole composition a bad vibe. To help you choose the best frame for your artwork, we highlight five different types of picture frames below that might trigger your creativity when it comes to framing.

Ornate gold this gold ornate classic custom picture frame works great with classic artwork

If you have a piece of artwork that is very classic, such as a still life, using a double mat with gold edges will add a timeless and royal touch to your artwork. The ornate gold helps in dressing up the painting. If you are worried that the bright and luminous gold would overshadow the artwork, don’t be. Remember that many pictures in museums all over the world choose the same composition, too.

Dark wood

Pick a shade of brown from the artwork and select a dark earthy wood frame to complement the image. It’s a great frame option for an artwork like portraits or something crisp that can use some warming up to not appear very stark and bold. The Earthy dark wood custom picture frame helps in establishing a calm and yet strong effect.

Rustic and raw wood this rustic wood classic custom picture frame works great with artwork depicting scenes of nature

An artwork usually inspires the frame choice. A rustic wood picture frame works great for landscape pieces. The raw wood frame complements the natural setting and evokes subtle feelings of the outdoors. The frame just fits the natural scene in a very gentle way.

Narrow white border

The primary purpose of a frame is to focus your attention on the artwork. While this type of frame will work well with many different genres of art, it especially highlights a modern work. If you have bold colors, the minimalist frame will balance it out nicely.

Narrow black metal this narrow black custom picture frame works great with modern artwork

A narrow black metal works great for art that is minimalist itself, like inspirational quotes. A black custom picture frame enhances the appearance of the text in the image or will subtly draw attention to lighter areas of the artwork. The frame doesn’t take away the focus from the text. This effect works even better if the text is written in a beautiful bold font.


Most frames will enhance your artwork. A frame gives the composition a finished and professional effect. But to maximize the effects, choosing the right frame will do wonders if you’re trying to sell your artwork. We hope that this blog post gave you some pointers, but we’d love to hear your thoughts, too!