How to Hang and Frame Pictures Like a Museum

When it comes to hanging frames in your home, there are many things to consider that you might not even think of. For the best tips, look at what the pros are doing. You can gain a lot of insight about how to frame pictures from watching what museums do. After all, these experts have a lot of experience displaying frames in the most attractive ways. We have found some ways you can hang and frame pictures like a museum and listed them below.

frame pictures like a museum with these insider tips

Some Masterpieces Need A Built-Up

This one is counterintuitive, but maybe your best images shouldn’t be the first thing that people see when they walk into a room. They should be able to discover other images first before the big payoff of the most exciting image in your display. This will build up tension and anticipation of what will be discovered as you walk into a room. Museums do this all the time as they save the best images for later on in the display.

Subtle Colors Work Best for The Background

When it comes to your background, you want some subtle colors, so it doesn’t look too busy. These subtle colors will work best. Current color trends are blues, greys, and greens which are both popular in the museum setting and have many uses in home décor to highlight your pictures.

Uses Pieces to Complement Each Other

You should base your compositions on a theme or a style. For example, if you take a lot of flower images you can base the theme on a certain flower color. If you have images of sunsets you could create a theme using those images. Try to have groups of images that relate to each other instead of just random images as it will look better on a wall and add interest. This way, you can have both create the composition and frame pictures like a museum.

Avoid Damage

A painting might look terrific over the fireplace, but this area can get quite hot if you use the fireplace often and a delicate image may be damaged.  This can also be the case of the image is hung near a radiator. The canvas may melt over time and ruin the image. You should also be aware of exposing images to direct sunlight as they may fade over time. Museums take care when they hang images, so you must as well as they can’t be hung just anywhere in the home. For a more entry-level protection, consider our plexiglass option when composing your custom picture frame on our website.

Pick the Right Frame

It can be a good idea to get a custom picture frame for your artwork, so you can get things to look just the way you want. Museums use all sorts of fancy frames to highlight artwork and you can, too. There are many things that can add variety to a frame such as the right mat, so you have some decisions to make before you hang the images, but the easiest way to frame pictures like a museum is by putting a custom picture frame around it.

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Custom picture frames can make your images stand out. Take these tips from the pros at museums and use them to arrange your image display. You have a lot of options available to allow your own personality and style shine through.

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5 edgy frames for your abstract art

Are you looking for the best frames for your abstract art? We offer an abundant choice in modern custom picture frames. It can be difficult to make a decision when you’ve got too many good choices, though. That’s why we’ve highlighted five edgy frames for your abstract art. Any of these frames will truly enhance your abstract artwork.

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Ornate Frames

An ornate frame might not be the first option you’d consider. Abstract art has a modern feel and you might wonder if an ornate frame clashes with that. However, when done on purpose, it can add an attention-grabbing contrast. For a great contrast, consider using a white ornate picture frame with abstract art in darker tones.

template picture of a white ornate custom picture frame

Large Simple Frames

Sometimes simplicity can capture the eye in a split second. An abstract and non-traditional painting can look like a million dollars without even much effort. The secret is in picking a larger frame with a sizeable mat. This draws the eye to the picture in the middle. For an extra touch, make sure you match the color of the frame with your artwork and create this sophisticated and elegant style. Our black plain frames offer a good variety of custom picture frames that will deliver the desired effect.

Shadow box frames

These are deeper frames that will literally add depth to your artwork. They grab attention and tend to add a touch of mystery to the composition. To enhance this effect even more, combine it with the larger size and corresponding mat we talked about in the previous entry. We offer shadow boxes in wood or metal.

An abstract-looking frame

If you want to double up on the effect of your abstract artwork, picking an abstract frame can work exceptionally well. You will have the best luck choosing this route if your artwork itself is not as busy. For straight lines and a limited color pallet, an abstract frame might work very well. Consider our wooden black with moss silver molten series, for example. This broad frame has a rough feel to it, that might balance out a composed abstract picture.

one of a number of black abstract custom picture frames for your abstract art


Whatever you choose, keep in mind that the beauty of your artwork can be highlighted and even enhanced with a well-chosen frame. When considering abstract pictures and artwork, you want to find a balance between getting a great frame and one that doesn’t draw away from the framed work itself. These four options above can give you a start in the right direction, but never be afraid to try something a little different, either.

What’s your favorite frame for abstract art?