What are picture frame mats?

Picture frame mats are one of the core components of a custom picture frame. A well-chosen mat can really enhance the picture that is being displayed. Choosing the right mat can make the difference between a good picture frame and a great picture frame that will wow anyone who sees it.

What are picture frame mats?

First of all, you need to know what picture frame mats are, and what their purpose is. At the basis, a mat is a thin piece of paper-based material that sits between the glazing and the picture that’s in the frame. It serves both as a barrier to protect the picture and an aesthetic purpose. When all the components of a custom picture frame are combined, the mat will provide a border for the picture.

Most mats are shades of cream or white, but you can find them in all sorts of colors which can really add something special to your artwork or picture. We even have special sports frame mats, which add texture and color of golf balls, footballs, or basketballs.

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Use our custom mat designer to find the perfect mat

Our custom mat designer will allow you to create the perfect mat for your picture. Whether you need a picture mat with just one opening or a multiple-opening mat, our custom mat designer can give you exactly what you need.

a screenshot of our custom picture frame mats designer

One popular way to customize your mats is by adding a layer. A two-layered mat has a main color and a small border around the inside of the border that emphasizes the border and the picture. If you want, you can also add another border by selecting a third layer. Larger pictures often warrant a border more than smaller pictures.

With the multiple opening mats, you can choose from a wide variety of templates, ranging from different numbers of pictures to openings that spell out different words. With those, each letter is another opening that fits a different picture.


When you think of all the different ways you can enhance a picture, a picture mat can make a big difference. With a well-chosen color and border, you can make the picture or artwork jump out. Naturally, a picture mat doesn’t work just by itself, but is part of a bigger composition that entails the frame and the picture itself, too.

Five perfect birthday gifts you can frame

Buying a present for someone’s birthday can be overwhelming when you are trying to find the perfect birthday gifts. There are always some generic gift options like perfume, jewelry, or a book, but what if you wanted to gift something really special – something that is personal? The answer is to give a memory as a gift!

perfect birthday gifts are thoughtul and personal, which is why everything that fits in a frame will be a winner

Framing your memories is a perfect way to show your love for someone and it shows that you put in a the effort to find something special. Birthday gifts in a frame can also act as wall art or decoration accents for the person’s spaces. If you have someone special’s birthday coming up, check out our list of five perfect birthday gifts you can frame for a perfectly personalized gift:

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Framed Ticket Stubs

Did you go to a concert, a sports game or on a trip with someone special and you still have the ticket stubs? These stubs can be a great birthday gift for that someone. Keep the memory alive by framing the ticket stubs from your trip or experience. Save the moments you shared together by framing them forever.

Framed Polaroid Pictures

Polaroids might be small, but they are beautiful pieces of memories. So, pick out the favorite candid moments, celebrations, milestones and build a collage of framed memories for someone special’s birthday. You can also scribble some notes on the sides of the polaroid for more personalized messaging. Pick out a beautiful shadow box or an engraved frame to add that dramatic feel to the polaroid pictures and watch the recipient’s expressions as they unwrap the present. Now that polaroid pictures are no longer in fashion, you can print out digital photos as if they were polaroid pictures and achieve the same effect!

Framed Book/Magazine Covers

Do you have an avid reader’s birthday coming up and are wondering what to gift them on their special day? They will already be expecting a few books as presents, so why not gift something that they’ll love but never see coming? Get a copy of their favourite book, cut out its cover page and custom frame it in a beautiful holder. It’ll be a gift that they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives.

Framed Souvenirs & Memories

Birthday gifts don’t have to be expensive or traditional. A personalized birthday gift always make a bigger impression than a generic gift. Another option for birthday gifts that fit in a frame can be travel souvenirs or mementos from special occasions. A framed souvenir can transport us back to a moment in history and relive it in a way. A record that played on the first date, a love letter, menu, or a receipt from a memorable meal, it can all be framed beautifully.

Vinyl Records

Know someone who loves music? A framed vinyl record can be the perfect birthday gift for the music lovers and is also a beautiful piece of wall art. With the comeback of vinyl, there are physical records for most of the current popular songs at any given moment. Get the recipient to hang the records on the wall in a beautiful frame to add some style to their spaces.


Remember, all it takes to get the perfect gift is a little bit of digging in one’s closets, photo albums or souvenir boxes and the perfect frame. Find the long-forgotten moments and surprise your friends and family with perfect birthday gifts. Surprise someone with a one-of-a-kind memory that will enhance any room.

How to create a sports wall collage

In many families, sports are an important part of everyday life. The busy schedule and regular games become an integral part of everyday lives. It only makes sense to display the highlight reel of these years as decorations in your home. We’re not just talking about the jerseys and dirty towels that already ‘decorate’ your floors and furniture, but an intentional ode to performance.

Why not build a sports wall to honor your child’s passion?

kids cheering about a goal

Make a story on your wall

If your kid has been playing the same sport for a long time, one of the fun ways to show this in the sports wall collage is by featuring pictures of ‘then and now’. This is a great way to demonstrate their perseverance and improvement, and a reminder of how much they’ve improved by practicing regularly.

Another way to do this is by adding pictures of new years, but not replacing all the old pictures from previous years. Keep the best ones, and build a story of improvement and memories.

When you’re building a collage, it’s also good to incorporate more than one picture, or even things that aren’t pictures. Game stubs, pictures taken with professional athletes, and maybe even an old team jersey all make amazing additions to a sports collage wall in your home.

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Build a composition

Instead of just putting some frames next to each other, or having one frame with multiple pictures, combine different types of frames in one collage. You can play with shapes, for example by having one square frame in the middle with odd-shaped or round shapes around it. Using a prominent mat in the middle picture will also make it stand out. Use our print and frame wizard to print your picture and have it send to your home – framed and ready to hang in your wall!

You can also use canvas pictures to create a collage with different elements. Canvas printing has the advantage that the picture comes with a gallery wrap included, so there is no need for a frame (although it’s still optional). By using a mixture of pictures and ornaments, you can also create a collage that is appealing to the eye and makes your space look amazing.

Focus on what’s important

It’s tempting to have pictures of trophies and achievements in the center but remember that sports aren’t just about achievements and trophies. Fun times with team mates, a graceful defeat, or a particular moment that was important for your kid personally without any significance to a win might be more important than accolades that are recognized by other people. Building a sports collage on your wall is a great way to show the pride you have in your kid, and encourage them to keep bettering themselves.


As you can see, there are a few different ways you can make a sports wall collage. Using a mixture of pictures, and a variety of custom picture frames, you can create a piece of art that is eye-catching and will make your kids proud, too.

Do you have a picture of your wall collage? Let us know on Facebook and we’ll share it in this blog post!

How To Frame Black and White Pictures the Perfect Way

Black and white pictures have a timeless and elegant feel. Many professional photographers have at least some black and white pictures in their portfolio, and the sober colorless pictures are also a favorite of amateur photographers. But when you want to frame black and white pictures, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. To keep the classic feel of the picture, you’ll want a frame to match it. Below, we have listed five custom picture framing suggestions that will enhance your black and white picture. You’ll never wonder how to frame black and white pictures ever again!

picture of old-fashioned picture roll

Use a wooden frame

Although you may be tempted to always stick with a metal frame, wooden frames usually come with a matte finish. The natural material gives the wood a warmth and depth that will enhance the picture it is showing off. While wood generally isn’t as versatile a material as plastic, its simplicity and rawness will really complete the display you’re putting together.

Pick a white mat

Picking the right custom picture frame is not just about the frame itself. There are other components to consider as well. Choosing the right mat can make a big difference in how the picture is presented within the frame. A classic white (or off-white) mat can really enhance the sober tones of the black and white picture and give the whole frame a more elegant feel. Our mat designer can help you create the perfect border for your picture.

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Black frame

A black frame might come as a surprise when you’re talking about a black and white picture. But a black frame will convey a formal and elegant look. Therefore, it closely matches the feel of the picture itself. Also, using a black frame will highlight the lighter tones in the picture, which might be exactly what you’re hoping to do.

These black and white pictures are framed with a noticeable white mat and a sleek black frame, adding an elegant feel to the composition.

White frame

After the last entry, this one may seem less surprising, but a white frame does the opposite of a black frame. It adds lightness to the overall composition and brings out the darker tones of the picture. Combined with a white mat in a slightly different hue, using a white frame will still look very classy.

Bright colorful frame 

Lastly, a bright colorful frame will bring a lovely contrast to the composition of picture and frame. These bright colors add a playfulness to an otherwise serious-looking picture and will definitely draw attention to your picture and frame. To give your overall composition some extra designer points, match  up the frame or collage with a separate ornament in the same vibrant color. You can use a bright flower vase or a mug to add some pop to your composition.


Choosing the right picture frame can take a lot of time, since there are so many different types of frames and colors to choose from. The above tips will help you narrow down your options and can elevate the way you frame black and white pictures. Browse our gallery of custom made frames to help you get started.

Five documents that are worth framing

Do you have a document that means a lot to you but doesn’t get the attention it deserves? Some documents in your life represent all the energy and effort you put into achieving your accomplishment. To capture all that in one piece of paper is pretty amazing. But what can you do with a piece of paper now that you’re done? One of the best ways to honor your achievements is by showing them off on the wall of your living room or office. Who said walls and frames were only for artwork and photographs? With the right frame, your framed documents can display your achievements and become wall art in themselves.

Wondering what documents are worth framing? We’ll get you started with this list of five documents that are worth framing and make your space look awesome.


One of the most important documents to frame is your diploma(s). Whether it is a high school, college or a post-graduation diploma, your success deserves to be displayed. A diploma is the most tangible measure of success you’ll get, and therefore it’s a document that you should be proud to show to everyone. Don’t let your accomplishments gather dust in a drawer, but let them inspire you and maybe even others, too.

Business license

Whether it is a mandatory business license or a license that enables you to practice a specialization, licenses are at the core of what you do. Most business licenses need to be in sight, so why not display it with the professionalism that you display everywhere else in your business? It’s more than just a piece of paper; it represents who you are and what you do.

Signed documents and pictures

Do you have a picture or document that was signed by your favorite athlete, writer, celebrity or another role model? It probably means a lot to you, so use a custom picture frame to keep it safe from dust and mold. If not properly protected, this piece of memorabilia can discolor and stain over time. So take care of that signed artifact, because you might never get your hands on that autograph again!

Collectible documents

If you inherited or found a historical document that means a lot to you and your family, it is only right to give it the respect it deserves. Frame the collectible document to prevent it from collecting dust and becoming worthless over time. Framing and hanging the collectible document will also give you peace of mind about its safety, because it will be right in sight.

Newspaper/Magazine articles

Another important document you can frame is a newspaper or magazine article that you or your family were mentioned in or marks a specific date or event. It is an amazing feeling to be featured in a media outlet, and framing it ensures that you make it a memory that will never be forgotten.


Framing documents the right way is a precise business. You need to be careful with the document itself and spend some time finding the right frame that fits the space you plan to hang it. Visit the ready-made document frames on our website to get inspired. Then go on and show your treasures to the world!

What are different parts of a picture frame?

Artists spend a lot of time and effort to create a piece of artwork and they know they need a custom picture frame to make their artwork even more impressive. There are three main components when framing a piece of artwork: the mat, the frame, and the glazing. FramesByMail offers many different types of mats, frames, and glazing options. To understand which option would be the best fit for your picture or artwork, we’ll discuss the details for each of the different options of a custom picture frame.

Understanding the types of custom picture frames

Our picture frames are available in metal, wood, and environmentally friendly picture frame moldings. The first step is to determine the style and type of frame you desire.

Metal picture frames lend themselves to a more modern and contemporary look. Wood picture frames and environmentally friendly picture frames can be used for a classic, traditional, and contemporary interior design. Environmentally friendly picture frames are from recycled products such as reclaimed wood or plastics.

Picking the best glazing for your frame

The glazing protects the artwork from getting damage. We offer two types of glazing regular plexiglass, and no-glare plexiglass. Glazing should be used on all framed art with the exception of a canvas print or an oil painting.

Choosing the right mat

Placed between the glazing and artwork, you can put a mat. This creates a border that draws more attention to your actual artwork and will enhance the image. It also offers depth to your framed picture and creates a space between your artwork and glazing. This space keeps the artwork from touching the glazing.

Our custom mat designer helps you create a custom mat that exactly fits your needs.

The mat allows for the most customization when designing your custom picture frame. Our mat designer allows you to create your own special mat. You’ll be able to choose between a multiple or no opening mat, and a standard single opening mat. Other customization options include picking a color, adding a layer, or even picking a more eye-catching material, such as a textured mat. This can enhance the look of your artwork to the next level.


A custom picture frame enhances and complements your artwork. A simple walnut or black frame can be an amazing addition to your art and upgrade everyone’s viewing experience. Art galleries often feature a white single or double mat with a simple frame. When it comes to your picture frame needs, you’ll find that our website has a wide variety of frames and custom options that will serve you just right, no matter your specific preferences.