Why buy a custom frame sent over mail?

Picture frames are an undervalued product. They’re the easiest way to decorate a room while also making it much more personal. Whether you’re capturing a significant moment in your life or want to display a piece of artwork you’ve made, a picture frame can enhance and display so much.

But when it comes to buying a picture frame, you’ve got many places to go. So why buy a custom picture frame online? What’s the difference between our custom picture frames and the ones you get in a store? In this blog post, we’ll show you the reasons to buy your custom picture frames online.

Ordering an online frame is easy

The ease of ordering is the clearest reason to pick a custom picture frame that is sent over mail is the ease of ordering. Especially with our ‘Print & Frame’ service, our website allows you to upload your picture, choose the different components of your picture frame, and wait for a completed picture frame to get delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is hang the picture and enjoy it.

Our online picture frame shop gives you expert knowledge

We can help you with all your questions concerning picture frames, because it’s all we do. Our picture frames aren’t an insignificant part of a larger inventory that we hardly know anything about; we deal with picture frames every single day. You’ll be hard-pressed to think of a question we haven’t answered or a problem we haven’t solved.

An online picture frame store gives you endless options

A store can only offer you a limited variety of picture frames. Our warehouse can host a dazzling amount of picture frames, and therefore our website can give you the largest collection of picture frames online. Framing a picture is more than just picking the right picture, it’s balancing a composition. The more choices you have in how you put your frame together, the better your custom framed picture will look.

Online shopping means lower prices

You can find expert knowledge and a wide variety of picture frames at specialized shops, too. But aside from geographical limitations, these shops have a lot of overhead that adds to the price of your picture frame. And because they assemble most picture frames for their clients, there is a labor fee hidden in the cost of their frames, too. Assembling your own frames instead gives you the same frame for a fraction of the price.

Our custom picture frames revolve around better customization

Our online wizard will help you find just what you need from an endless amount of options. You can customize each part of your frame to perfectly meet your needs. If you have special requests, we can work with you to find a solution.


Ordering an online frame is the most cost-effective way to bundle a wide variety of options, expert knowledge and low pricing into one easy experience that gets you the precise picture frame you want. To find out what a wide variety of picture frames looks like, browse our metal, wood, or ‘green’ frames, or read more blogs to get inspired.

How to Assemble a Custom Wood Picture Frame

If you want to know how to assemble a custom wood picture frame, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will give you all the information you need to help you find the best way to assemble a custom wood picture frame at home. To help assemble a custom picture frame, we have this instructional video that will show you the steps we discuss in this blog post.

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Step 1: assemble the frame

We’ll assume you have all the pieces for the frame at hand and are ready to assemble it. To assemble the wood frame itself, line up the corners of your pieces without plastic wedges with the corners that include the plastic wedges. Use a little bit of glue to make sure that the corners stay together before you slide them together.

Step 2: mount the picture to the mat

Use a little bit of tape to mount the picture to the mat or backing. Try to mount the picture at just two or three points along the top so that the mat or backing won’t expand because of temperature and humidity changes. If you use too much tape, you may end up with waves that change the look of the picture. When you’re done applying the tape, double check whether it sticks securely to the backing or mat. If you used a mat, line it up with the backing, so you have backing, mat, and picture in one stack.

Step 3: prepare the glazing

The next step is to remove the protective covering from both sides of the glazing. It’s important to clean and free the area of dust before doing this. Don’t use window cleaning sprays or kitchen scouring compounds to clean it. On the other hand, dry or gritty cloths may cause surface scratches. So, use soft, damp and lint-free cleaning clothes with light pressure to clean the surface.

Step 4: insert glazing and mat into the frame

Insert the glazing, mat, and backing back into the frame. After this, you can bend the points on the back of the picture frame and back down against the backing. You’ll see that the frame contents are held in place.

Step 5: hang your custom picture frame

Our wooden frames come with straphangers. You can hang these to hooks on the wall. You can also choose to buy our metal wire to hang the picture more securely and have some wiggle room to adjust the picture once it’s on your wall. The straphangers are usually located about one-third of the height of the frame from the top. Now, mount these to the back of the frame and you’re ready to hang it.


You are now ready to hang your frame on the wall. For more instructions on how to assemble a custom wood picture frame, take a look at our other instructional videos, or visit our assembly instructions page.

What Are Picture Frame Mats?

Picture frame mats are one of the core components of a custom picture frame. A well-chosen mat can really enhance the picture that is being displayed. Choosing the right mat can make the difference between a good picture frame and a great picture frame that will wow anyone who sees it.

What are picture frame mats?

First of all, you need to know what picture frame mats are, and what their purpose is. At the basis, a mat is a thin piece of paper-based material that sits between the glazing and the picture that’s in the frame. It serves both as a barrier to protect the picture and an aesthetic purpose. When all the components of a custom picture frame are combined, the mat will provide a border for the picture.

Most mats are shades of cream or white, but you can find them in all sorts of colors which can really add something special to your artwork or picture. We even have special sports frame mats, which add texture and color of golf balls, footballs, or basketballs.

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Use our custom mat designer to find the perfect mat

Our custom mat designer will allow you to create the perfect mat for your picture. Whether you need a picture mat with just one opening or a multiple-opening mat, our custom mat designer can give you exactly what you need.

a screenshot of our custom picture frame mats designer

One popular way to customize your mats is by adding a layer. A two-layered mat has a main color and a small border around the inside of the border that emphasizes the border and the picture. If you want, you can also add another border by selecting a third layer. Larger pictures often warrant a border more than smaller pictures.

With the multiple opening mats, you can choose from a wide variety of templates, ranging from different numbers of pictures to openings that spell out different words. With those, each letter is another opening that fits a different picture.


When you think of all the different ways you can enhance a picture, a picture mat can make a big difference. With a well-chosen color and border, you can make the picture or artwork jump out. Naturally, a picture mat doesn’t work just by itself, but is part of a bigger composition that entails the frame and the picture itself, too.

What Are Different Parts of a Picture Frame?

Artists spend a lot of time and effort to create a piece of artwork and they know they need a custom picture frame to make their artwork even more impressive. There are three main parts of a picture frame: the mat, the frame, and the glazing. FramesByMail offers many different types of mats, frames, and glazing options. To understand which option would be the best fit for your picture or artwork, we’ll discuss the details for each of the different options of a custom picture frame.

Understanding the types of custom picture frames

Our picture frames are available in metal, wood, and environmentally friendly picture frame moldings. The first step is to determine the style and type of frame you desire.

Metal picture frames lend themselves to a more modern and contemporary look. Wood picture frames and environmentally friendly picture frames can be used for a classic, traditional, and contemporary interior design. Environmentally friendly picture frames are from recycled products such as reclaimed wood or plastics. Their versatility make these frames stand out.

Picking the best glazing for your frame

Glazing all too often one of the more neglected parts of a picture frame. However, it is essential for keeping your artwork in great condition. The glazing protects the artwork from getting damage. We offer two types of glazing: regular plexiglass, and no-glare plexiglass. Unless you hang an oil painting, we recommend regular plexiglass.

Choosing the right mat

Placed between the glazing and artwork, you can put a mat. This creates a border that draws more attention to your actual artwork and will enhance the image. It also offers depth to your framed picture and creates a space between your artwork and glazing. This space keeps the artwork from touching the glazing.

our unique custom mat designer helps you create the perfect custom picture frame mat
Our custom mat designer helps you create a custom mat that exactly fits your needs.

The mat might be the most creative of all the parts of a picture frame. With a well-chosen mat, you can make a big or subtle difference in how you frame your picture. Our mat designer allows you to create your own special mat. You’ll be able to choose between a multiple or no opening mat, and a standard single opening mat. Other customization options include picking a color, adding a layer, or even picking a more eye-catching material, such as a textured mat. This can enhance the look of your artwork to the next level.

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A custom picture frame enhances and complements your artwork. A simple walnut or black frame can be an amazing addition to your art and upgrade everyone’s viewing experience. Art galleries often feature a white single or double mat with a simple frame. When it comes to your picture frame needs, you’ll find that our website has a wide variety of frames and custom options that will serve you just right, no matter your specific preferences.