5 Ideas for the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Looking for that perfect Father’s Day gift? Father’s Day is an important day to celebrate everything about fathers. Many people opt for typical gifts such as new tools, sporting goods, and other usual suspects. But you can celebrate Father’s Day in many other ways. One very thoughtful and personal way to celebrate is by giving something framed. Our frames (and whatever you put in them) make special gifts that dad will treasure for years to come. We offer many different options, so you can be sure to find just the right frame for your perfect Father’s Day gift. Below we’ve listed five perfect Father’s Day gift options to add to your frames.

image of a father and son enjoying a sunset, accompanying a blog post on the perfect Father's Day gift

Sports Mat for Sports Themed Gifts

We offer a unique assortment of sports mats like football, golf, and basketball. These stunning backgrounds are the perfect way to highlight some sports-themed images, sports cards, or any other small sports-related memorabilia that your dad cherishes.  For example, you might take an image of dad making that big golf swing and add that to the golf style mat background.

Box Frame

One great gift idea is to take a small item like a golf ball, softball or other small items and use one of our display cases. These are small cases that will showcase the item you wish to display. Maybe your dad has a signed baseball he would like to display or another small sports item he treasures. These cases can highlight the item and make his treasured items an eye-catching centerpiece in your house.

Highlight Accomplishments

Your father probably has probably accomplished a great deal in his life. He might have a special award, certificate, ribbon or something else that means a lot to him. You could highlight this special item with a custom picture frame to show that you are proud of him and what he has accomplished. You have a lot of options and ideas that you could use here.

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Friends and Family

Another great custom picture frame options would be to showcase images where your dad is with friends and family. Maybe this was a special event like party, anniversary, holiday or another special day. This could also be a way to highlight friends or co-workers. If your dad served in the military, for example, you might showcase some of his close friends in a multiple- opening frame.

Multi-Opening Picture Idea

Sometimes the perfect Father’s Day gift can be very simple. You might get a single multi-opening frame and spell out the word ‘father’ in an attractive way and present this as his gift. Each of the letters in our ‘father’ frame fits one picture. This would be a wonderful way to highlight his big day. Aside from just pictures, you could even decorate this frame with notes or other small pieces of memorabilia.


There are many ways you can use frames and custom picture frame this Father’s Day. Show your love of dad with some unique frames and give him something he can look at as a reminder or how much you care about him. Do you have your own perfect Father’s Day gift ideas with frames? You have a lot of options and ways of doing this so get creative and use these ideas as your guide.