5 Surprisingly Cheap Custom Picture Frames

With the largest online catalogue in picture frames, you can always find a deal in our store. At the same time, the best deals can be hard to find. To help you get a head start and discover some of the best deals in our store, this blog post lists 5 surprisingly cheap custom picture frames.

Once you take a better look, however, you’ll see there’s nothing cheap about these picture frames. The quality for these frames is the same unparalleled quality as you’ll find with each of our other products. The listed price for these is based on the base price. Extras like a mat, a  bigger size and plexiglass will add to that, but not take away anything from the steal these picture frames are.

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1. White Bead Lip Valucore

Picture Frame 1.625 inch ValuCore White Bead LipMaybe this Valucore frame is technically cheating. All of our Valucore frames are set at a great price/quality point, giving you great frames for less. Using recycled materials, these frames can mimic the most luxurious-looking picture frames for a fraction of the price. It’s a win-win, and this White Bead Lip Valucore may be the best example of that. First of all, it looks like an expensive frame you dug up from an antique store in a quaint downtown area. It just magically happened to fit your picture or artwork perfectly. In truth, you bought it to match your centerpiece and had it cut to size for a great price.

2. Shiny Silver Metal Frame

Picture Frame Shiny SIlver Metal It’s not just our Valucore frames that pack great deals. In our more traditional categories (metal and wood), you can also find yourself a great deal. This Shiny Silver frame is a prime example of a metal frame that makes an irresistible deal. With a base price of just $9 for a 10″ x 10″ frame, you get a sleek frame that adds a modern look to any environment. The custom cut and metal materials make sure it fits any wall just right for decades to come.

3. Navy Shaker Style

Picture Frame Shaker Style wooden custom picture frame in navy blueArguably the biggest surprise in this entire blog post, this Navy Shaker Style picture frame with beveled edges makes quite an entry in any situation. The thick 1.25″ frame with its bold color can be the perfect addition to any room. Combined with a good picture or piece or art, this picture frame will not just capture attention, but keep it, too. Use the bold color to contrast or complement a room, and enjoy this wooden picture frame at a great price.

4. Snowball White on Ash

Woode cumstom wooden picture frame made from ash wood with a snowball white finishThis simple wooden frame has a lot to offer: the wood is clearly visible through the white wash, and the ash wood material are durable and give a nice light texture. Our Snowball White on Ash frame gives you a classy and versatile look for a great price. This is one of the frames that will work with a wide variety of pictures or pieces of art; especially bright colors will shine in this frame.

5. 1″ Flat Top Black

Woode cumstom wooden picture frame in 1 inch black with a flat topThis last frame shows that not only special frames can make a great deal. Our wooden 1″ flat top black frame is a classic in all regards. It looks solid, is made of wood, and the 1″ black framing materials helps frame absolutely everything. For a great basic frame, you’ll find that this wooden flat top black frame has everything you need for a great price.

Our 3 Favorite Blog Posts in January

Each workday, we share a blog post on our Facebook page about something that appeals to us and our audience. Whether it’s photography, the visual arts, or home décor, you can find the internet’s most interesting content right on our Facebook page. At the end of every month, we take a look at that month’s greatest hit and list them in a blog post just like this. For January, that means you’ll find 365 pictures, 7 tips on how to paint seascapes, and one very quirky house in Texas.


There are plenty of people who shoot a picture every day, and their results are always interesting. Not that many people shoot a picture a day with an old camera in terrible shape, and only enough old-fashioned film to shoot 372 pictures (“one for each day and a week of wiggle room”). The result isn’t just in pictures, it’s an essay on savoring the moment, on watching live unfold in tales untold because that day’s shot had already been taken. The post is long, but halfway through, you’ll wish for a year’s worth of film, a horrible camera, and the writer’s outlook on live.

Visual Arts:

Throughout history and all the different art movements, the sea has been a constant theme. The draw of the ocean for artists will probably never cease, even though painting seascapes can be challenging. In this blog post, you’ll find seven different tips that will help you with your seascape painting.

Home décor:

All houses have a soul. Some houses have a soul that’s conforming and doesn’t ruffle any feathers. And then there’s this house in Austin, Texas. Although the first pictures aren’t quite impressive, the rest make up for that. And you have never seen a house get their picture frames as right as this one.

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10 Truly Inspirational Photography Quotes

photography quote about the soul by Jean-Luc Godard
“When you photograph a face, you photograph the soul behind it.” – Jean-Luc Godard
photography quote by Diane Arbus
“I never took a photo that I intended. They’re always better or worse.” – Diane Arbus
photography quote about self by Ernst Haas
“There’s only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”
photography quote about looking dumb by Abraham Lincoln
“There are no bad pictures, that’s just how your face looks sometimes.”
photography quote about interesting stuff by Jim Richardson
“If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.”
photography quote about interesting stuff by Jim Richardson
“In photography there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated.” – August Sander
photography quote about photographing what you love by Tim Walker
“Only photograph what you love.” – Tim Walker
photography quote about photographing what you love by Annie Leibovitz
“A thing you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.” – Annie Leibovitz
photography quote about street photography by Bruce Gilder
“If you can smell the street by looking at the photo, it is a stress photograph.” – Bruce Gilder
photography quote by Roger Kingston
“A camera is a ‘save’ button for the mind’s eye.” – Roger Kingston


Our 3 Favorite Blog Posts in December

On our Facebook page, we share a whole lot of interesting ideas and pictures. Custom picture frames aren’t just a structure that holds what’s important. They create a gateway to art, photography, making your house look great, and paying attention to detail. And that’s why our Facebook page brings all these things to you as well. At the end of every month, we take the most popular of those posts and highlight the posts in each category that got the most reaction. For December, that means a weekly photo challenge, a remodeled ranch house, and discovering all about the expressionist art movement.


When you’re a photographer (either professional or in your spare time), there’s a good chance Christmas time includes some photography-related gifts. If you did find yourself with a few new gadgets, this 52-week challenge from PetaPixel is perfect to finetune your skills. It’s the fourth year that a challenge like that has been posted. If you’re new this year, consider it the perfect way to regularly take your camera outside of your comfort zone.

Home décor:

One of the most inspiring home décor projects is when an entire house gets upgraded. In this article from Apartment Therapy, featured on our Facebook page, you can see the stunning results of how a neglected ranch house was turned into a DIY’er’s wildest dreams. The pictures are amazing, and seeing the end result of this blogger’s journey is absolutely inspiring.

Visual arts:

Different art movements convey different ideas. Throughout history, art movements have made a big difference in how we see the world. In turn, these movements have an impact on how we see art. In art, knowledge and appreciation often go hand in hand, and Dan Scott over at DrawPaintAcademy does an amazing job unraveling the ideas behind the Expressionist art movement in this blog post.

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Our 3 Favorite Blog Posts in November

Custom picture frames can be used in a lot of ways, but we generally see three types of people interested in our picture frames: photographers, lovers of the visual arts, and interior decorators of all levels. For all those people, we gather the internet’s best information on our Facebook page. The most popular posts we share, end up in each month’s highlight reel. For November, this includes a hilarious gallery of animal photos, stealing from IKEA, and learning all about different brush strokes in your paintings.


While it’s an absolute joy to know there’s such a thing as Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, things only get better once you take a look at the pictures. This gallery of finalists was a huge hit right after Halloween, but is still worth visiting:

These are the finalists of the 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, and they’re hilarious.

© Mary McGowan/The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

Home décor:

IKEA (especially in the form of its yearly catalogue) is arguably the most important source of home décor inspiration for the masses. That’s why their photoshoots are statements about the near future of interior design. Statements that need an analysis from experts. From these analyses, trends are derived. By having a close look at what IKEA is doing, you’ll know what the rest of the world is going to do for Christmas. And this year, it’s surprising.

Decorating ideas worth stealing from IKEA.

Visual arts:

The more you paint, the more brushwork becomes a puzzle. You can recognize some painters by their brushwork; they seem to have mastered it all. Others struggle to find their ‘voice’ through their brushwork. In this blog post, the different aspects of brushwork are covered to help you in your journey to find your voice.

How to Effectively Use Brushwork in Your Paintings

Korovin Konstantin, Portrait Of Chaliapin, 1911

Our 3 Favorite Blog Posts in October

With our picture frames, we’re involved in a lot of areas. For example, we are interested in all things to frame and fitting the frames in your home . On our Facebook page, we gather the most interesting information from around the internet to share with our fans. Each month, we assemble the most popular posts in each category and share them on the blog. That means that for October, Vincent van Gogh pops up in a surprising category, the world’s most famous museum teaches you about art, and we find design in small spaces.


While Vincent van Gogh is a world-famous painter, it’s not too strange to tie him to photography. Some people argue that the rise of photography in the second half of the 19th century (the time Van Gogh lived and worked) changed the art of painting. With the technology of photography, people could always take an instant image of what was in front of them. This meant that artists needed to go beyond the superficial and thus went in a more abstract direction. Like a great painting, a good photograph is the result of seeing in a different way. Van Gogh had a unique look on the world, and in this blog post, you can learn how his view can help your photography skills:

10 things Van Gogh can teach us about photography

Home décor:

A lot of home décor is working with the space you have. In the case of this small home (four people on less than 200 square feet), the arrangements can be very inspiring. And for those counting, this is one of few houses you’ll find that average a picture frame for every 50 sq ft.

A 198-Square-Foot Airstream Is a Minimal, Black and White Tiny Home for Four

Visual arts:

The Louvre is one of the world’s most famous museums. It is fair to say they know art, and with their help, you can, too. This free video course provided on the Louvre’s website gives you an introduction in different elements of art. Whether you’re a fan of sculptures or paintings, the course can help you appreciate art better. Learn about composition in a painting, the painting’s viewpoint, perspective, and the basics of sculptures in clear videos.

The Elements of Art

Our 3 Favorite Blog Posts in September

Each day, we feature fresh content on our Facebook page that relates to everything that has to do with frames: art, home décor and photography. If you’re afraid we just talk about ourselves, don’t worry. We love to pull the best of the web in those subjects so you’ll always find someone that intrigues you.

On top of that, we feature the most popular of the articles we shared in a month and make a ‘best of’ for the month. For September, that means you have a fact-based reason why your DSLR camera is better than the camera in a smartphone, great ‘declutter’ tips for your home and the trick to shadows in your paintings and drawings. Oh, and the most popular of our own blog posts last month, because we’re pretty proud of that one, too.


The cameras in smartphones keep getting better and better. And while you can get pretty amazing pictures with these pocket cameras, they’re never going to be at the same level of a DSLR camera. While you probably knew that at to some degree, this blog post does a great job of explaining the science behind the difference. Incidentally, it gives you a great reply when someone tries to start ‘the smartphone argument’.

‘The fact-based reply to everyone who wonders why you carry around a DSLRcamera instead of just using your smartphone’

Home décor:

No matter how well decorated your house is, clutter will take away from how your house feels. Decluttering is the technique to make sure that your house feels like a home and doesn’t add to your stress levels or a subconscious to-do list. This blog post is a very practical guide to a quick declutter you can apply once a week.

How to declutter in 20 minutes’  

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Visual arts:

Shadows are a technique in painting and drawing that can be tricky to get the hang of, but very rewarding. A well-executed shadow gives your painting a sense of realism by touching up details. Shadows can take your painting from “wait, something is missing” to “I wonder what makes it look so natural”. This blog post does a great job of explaining how to create realistic shadows.

The Secret to Painting Realistic Shadows in Sunlight

Our own blog:

While our picture frames are often thought of as frames for art or photos, they also make perfect poster frames. In this blog post, we’ve selected five of our frames that would make an excellent custom poster frame.

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Our 3 favorite posts in August

While this blog is focused on all the ways that picture frames can enrich your live, our Facebook page is a better reflection of our broader interests. We share a lot of different ideas there, focused on photography, visual art, and home decoration. At the beginning of each month, we take a look at the ideas that resonates with our Facebook fans the most and give them a last moment in the spotlights. August’s favorites includes a mother duck, a color wheel, and the most important takeaways from the world’s largest influencer in home decoration.


Our most popular post in the month of August is an adorable mother duck who loves ducklings so much, she has grown her flock to at least 76 ducklings. Between the first and second time that photographer Brent Cizek saw the mother and her long row of ducklings, she adopted about 25 more. Almost makes you wonder how long that line of bobbing ducklings is by now…

You can read the entire story here.

Home décor:

When IKEA brings out their annual catalogue, some home décor enthusiasts react like they’re Vogue during New York Fashion Week. And for good reason. IKEA might not be the fashionable choice, but their home decoration ideas and decisions impact every room in millions of households. That’s why the people from Apartment Therapy have done you the favor of breaking down the most important home trends from the 2019 IKEA catalogue. Whether or not you decide to have some meatballs with your furniture is up to you.

Read all the trends right here.

Visual arts:

Color wheels are at the basis of your paintings. They determine the feel of your painting and have a big influence on how the painting ends up looking. This blog post does a great job breaking down the essentials of creating your own color wheel and uses examples from great painters in history. It’s a great blog post that breaks down a big topic into very comprehensible pieces.

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3 Blog Posts We Loved in July

We’re always looking to provide our audience with the best information on the web about the visual arts, photography, and organizing. Each month, we assemble the most popular blog posts that we shared in that month. For this post, have a look at July’s most popular posts. And make sure to visit our Facebook page to never miss an update again. 

Home décor: How to declutter by giving something away

Decluttering is all the hype these days. A lot of people find themselves with more stuff than they need or have room for. Decluttering is all about making room by using space more efficiently, or by strategically getting rid of stuff. This blog post combines the latter with a heartwarming gesture. Originally focused on ‘Give Something Away Day’, the message of this blog post is pretty much timeless.

Photography: how so many Instagram pictures look alike

Sometimes when you scroll through your Instagram feed, you can get the impression that a lot of Instagram photos look alike. You’re not alone in that. This Instagram account combines these copycat photos and combines them in one post, creating a wonderful visual effect.

Visual arts: How to make your pictures more realistic

Realism is in details. For beginners, it’s hard to find what details add the realism that seems so hard to grasp. In this blog post, the writer lays out five tips that will make your paintings seem much more realistic by focusing on the right things.

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An Introduction to Our Custom Picture Mat Designer

If you have a picture you’d like framed, there are several ways to make the picture and your custom picture frame work together better. Choosing a good mat is one of the biggest subtle changes you can make to the overall aesthetics of a framed picture. Our unique custom picture mat designer makes picking a great mat even easier. It even allows you to cut your own openings and combine different mats for a stunning composition. With our custom mat designer, every part of your custom framed picture is truly custom!

a picture with a frame and a picture mat to illustrate how to use our custom picture mat designer

Why use a picture mat?

A well-chosen mat will lead the viewer’s eye to the artwork. The mat creates a neutral zone between the artwork and the frame. Sometimes, the color of the mat enhances the viewer’s experience with the artwork as the eye is drawn to a particular color. The mat can also isolate the artwork and underline the artist’s vision. This way, nothing else distracts the viewer.

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The mat can also provide the function of protecting your artwork. The mat protects the artwork from any condensation. This helps protect from paper bulking, mildew or loss of color. Mats make sure the artwork maintains its pristine look for many years to come.

Our Single Mat Wizard

When you open our custom picture mat designer, you have two options. Each of these comes with its own wizard that guides you through the process. The first wizard we offer is the single-mat designer which is perfect for a custom picture frame with just one picture. You often use a single mat on posters, contemporary art, and abstract art as the single mat can give the work a fashionable, clean, and a sleek look.

To use this feature, you want to select the size you want for the mat opening.  You can choose up to three different mats on top of each other for a layered design. You can then pick the colors that you want for your mats. When you’re ordering a full frame, you’ll also see our other customization option, such as Plexiglass and backing.

Our Multi-Opening Mats

Our multi-opening mat designer is unique in the world of custom picture frames. This wizard basically allows you to use the mat as a canvas in which you can create a new artform in itself. The wizard guides you through the following steps:

  • Decide on how many openings you want in your mat
  • Adjust the size and shape of each of the openings
  • Pick the colors for the mat(s); you can pick up to three mats with the designer
  • Once the multi-opening mat is designed, upload your images
  • Pick a frame to finish your unique project

Special Mats

We also feature ready-made special mats such as a cutout word that you might desire for various images you have. These work well for special occasions like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or holidays.


Our unique custom picture mat designer gives you the opportunity to truly customize every part of your custom picture frame. The mat designer is easy to use and helps you to get just the right look for all your images. Try the custom mat designer for yourself and let us know what you created!