5 Great Reasons to Get a Motivational Poster

Sometimes, we all need a little bit of motivation in our lives. One way to do this is with motivational posters. You can set them up in various places of your home, such as your office or living room. You can make the posters stand out even more with custom picture frames. If you want to inspire yourself, you should get a motivational poster and put in some place in your home where you can refer to it when you need a little boost of positivity. Here are five reasons why you should get a motivational poster.

As an Amazing Wishing Well Card

Sometimes we need some motivation to feel better. Instead of sending a cookie cutter ‘get well soon’ card or fruit basket, you send create an amazing looking card or poster with an uplifting message that the person will cherish long after they begin to feel better.

To Encourage Someone Going Through a Hard Time

In life we can have difficult times. When these times occur, it can put you through a lot of stress. You might want to get a motivational poster in this case and use a custom picture frames to make the poster unique. A poster can help you or a loved one rise above the challenge they are facing and feel better about themselves and the difficulty they have been confronted with.

When Your Significant Other is Studying Abroad or Deployed in the Military

It’s extremely challenging to be away from the people we love for extended periods. A good motivational poster can make you feel encouraged and help you get through the challenges of missing that person you care about the most in your life. The poster will help you through your day and make you smile as you think about the other person and when you’re going to see them again.

When Someone is Nearing the End of a Tough Project

Often in life we have challenge such as a project which takes up lot of our time. We can feel run down and discouraged as we work which may lead to a lack of incentive to complete the project. A good motivational poster can help keep you engaged in the project as you know you’re almost done, you just have to push a little bit more to get it completed. A motivational poster can be ideal if you have a deadline for a project that must be completed and just need a little extra push forward to finish.

To Get the Most Out of Yourself

In life we can need a small extra push to get things done. For example, maybe you’re giving up smoking or trying to lose weight.  The right motivational poster can help give you that little bit of extra incentive you need to rise above your challenge and push through to success.


Custom picture frames can help your posters stand out and look great. If you need a bit more incentive in your life a motivational poster is the way to go. And with our promotion, you can get a custom motivational poster that’s ready to hang for under $30.



5 Great Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is one of those key events that we all go through in life. Your child has spent all that time studying and they’re now entering the workforce or going to college and really growing up. Once graduation comes along, it’s time to celebrate and to look back on all that your children have achieved in their young lives. One way to celebrate is to buy some custom picture frames and add framed graduation gifts to celebrate this wonderful occasion. We have listed five graduation gift ideas below.

graduation is a great time for thoughtful gifts, so we offer 5 graduation gift ideas

Photographs from Child to Teenager

One of the first graduation gift ideas for any picture frame is some images from your child’s life. You could start the time they were born up until their graduation day. You have a lot of options here as to how you want to set the images up. Pick the best images you have of your child and pick one of our great frames to give them for graduation. You could do it in stages such as baby, toddler, child, teenager, and then graduation day.

A Highlight Reel of Important Life Events

Every child has some important events in their life and these moments can make for wonderful framed graduation gifts. Perhaps they won some trophy or did something amazing that makes them proud. You could highlight this important event that means a lot to them in a frame, so they have a treasure of that event they can look back on for years to come.

Encouraging Words

Becoming an adult can be a scary thing and we all need a bit of encouragement. Another thing you could add in your custom picture frames is sayings or words of encouragement for your child. If you have a religious family, this could be a verse from a religious text.

Collage in a boxed frame

Another graduation gift idea might be a collage revolving around their graduation. By picking one of our shadow box frames, you’ll not just have room for the diploma and pictures of (and leading up to) graduation day, but also include their graduation cap, a sports jersey or other school uniform they’ve worn in their school days, and perhaps the school’s logo.

Framed Diploma

Take the graduation image and diploma and add this to a nice frame to present to your child as a gift. This would give them an amazing keepsake they can look back on. You could take this a step higher and maybe add a small memento from their life to his frame as well as a ribbon or other small reward they received in life. This should be something from their early life as sit will contrast the major achievement of the diploma or you could just go with the diploma, it’s all up to you.

Read our blog post ‘5 documents worth framing‘ for the best tips on how to frame a valuable document.


Custom picture frames are full of great graduation gift ideas. Whether you chose a simple picture, a nice frame for the diploma, or a full-on collage that remembers all the highlights from your child’s school years, you have endless options to choose from. And if you order right now, you’ll get 5% or 15% off your custom picture frame order to celebrate your graduate. Just use the coupon code GRAD18 or GRAD5 when you’re checking out a qualified order.

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5 Ideas for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is one of the most exciting holidays. It is the day when you can thank your mother for all her love, kindness and the life she gave you. As we try to show our love towards our mothers, finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be tricky. A personal and thoughtful gift can really show love in a unique way. We have complied a list of five perfect Mother’s Day gifts you can frame in our custom picture frames. Pick the idea that you like best, or run with it and make it your own! And if you have a great idea for a gift you can frame, don’t forget to leave it in the comments.

picture for the blog post suggesting ideas to get to the perfect Mother's Day gift

1. A Special Note

When you think of a perfect Mother’s Day gift you can frame, you might think first of a picture. While pictures can make a great gift, some notes can feel even more thoughtful. If you’ve ever written your mother a note as a kid, you can frame it or even try to remake it. Even better, you can use both and make a small collage (perhaps with a picture, too). But don’t hesitate to write a letter from scratch. This will not just warm your mother’s heart, but also show your love in a way you can’t just buy from a store.

Speaking of things you can buy in a store, check out these frames that would be perfect for a simple collage.

2. Heart-Shaped Photo Collage

If you want to use pictures, the best way to turn it into a perfect Mother’s Day gift is to create a collage in the shape of a heart. Hearts are popular around Mother’s Day and they’re a great way to turn normal pictures in a loving and thoughtful collage. It’s a display of love on so many levels, and will be the single best way to frame your love for your mother.

3. Box Frame

Another cool idea of framing a collage is by using a shadow box frame. This allows you to put anything you like inside the frame to decorate around a picture or the pictures you’re using. You can also include little notes, words, and even small objects that have a special meaning to you and your mother. If you can find it, a small gift from your childhood that your mother gave you or you gave her can be the perfect addition to a box frame.

4. Simple Collage Frame

A simple collage frame is perfect if you’re looking to build a collage for Mother’s Day but don’t have a lot of creativity. Our collage frames are the easiest way to bundle special pictures in one frame. A simple collage frame with three or four openings is by far the easiest way to get a lot of special in a small space. These frames are both modern and beautiful. They can hold several photos at the same time and will remind your mother of the special moments that you have spent together.

5. Our ‘Mother’ frame

There is an even easier way than getting a simple collage frame. Our special ‘Mother’ frame gives you six openings for pictures in the most fitting frame you can find for Mother’s Day. If there is a perfect Mother’s Day gift you can frame, this is it.


Whether you pick one of our suggestions or make them your own, browse our catalogue for the perfect frame. Showing and giving love has never been easier, and you can make a big impression this year by giving the perfect Mother’s Day gift. She will love the thought you’ve put into this and probably proudly display your love for everyone to see.


4 perfect and personal wedding anniversary gifts

Most people think of custom picture frames as a way to display your pictures and artwork, but they also make a great personal anniversary gift. Because you can use a custom picture frame for a wide variety of objects (aside from pictures and artwork), they make a very versatile anniversary gift. In this blog post, we have found five personal wedding anniversary gifts that will surprise your significant other and make it easy to find your wedding anniversary gift on a budget.

Family tree in a box frame

One of the most exciting and precious gifts is a family tree. Especially for couples who’ve been together for a few years and started a family, a family tree can be a perfect ode to your family. While the basics idea will be the same, you can unleash your creativity to really make a family tree your own. If you decide to use craft materials instead of a tree that fits a piece of paper, consider a shadow box frame. The added depth will make your gift a centerpiece in any room.

Wedding vows in a frame

Chances are you’ve got a wedding picture somewhere in your house. But over the years, your vows have probably replaced the wedding day as the most important thing in your marriage, even if you’ve never explicitly thought about them. A collage that focuses on your wedding vows can be a great gift to surprise your spouse. Whether you made your own vows or used a standard vow, you can frame them in a fancy font and decorate it with pictures, memories, or a love letter that underlines the vows in your own words.

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A timeline in pictures

A personal photo gallery of your memories together can be a fantastic way to commemorate your favorite moments together, and perhaps reflect on different times in your relationship. You can select a picture for each year of your relationship and put them in a custom picture frame by using our custom mat designer. This also allows you to put years and other texts with the pictures for a great custom experience.

Your love in one word

Another great gift idea that comes straight from our custom picture mat designer is a mat with cut out letters. Each letter houses a different picture. You can choose to display your last name, a general word like ‘LOVE’, or a word that means something to the two of you. Whichever word you choose, this is a great way to quickly make a wedding anniversary gift that feels personal and intimate.  


Custom picture frames are an easy way to find the perfect wedding anniversary gift. Even if you choose a gift that doesn’t actually include pictures, anything that comes in a frame will be personal and thoughtful. If you’re looking for more inspiration after these four suggestions, have a look at our gift center or read some of our other blog posts about gift ideas.

What other wedding anniversary gifts can you fit in a frame?

Five Perfect Birthday Gifts You Can Frame

Buying a present for someone’s birthday can be overwhelming when you are trying to find the perfect birthday gifts. There are always some generic gift options like perfume, jewelry, or a book, but what if you wanted to gift something really special – something that is personal? The answer is to give a memory as a gift!

perfect birthday gifts are thoughtul and personal, which is why everything that fits in a frame will be a winner

Framing your memories is a perfect way to show your love for someone and it shows that you put in a the effort to find something special. Birthday gifts in a frame can also act as wall art or decoration accents for the person’s spaces. If you have someone special’s birthday coming up, check out our list of five perfect birthday gifts you can frame for a perfectly personalized gift:

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Framed Ticket Stubs

Did you go to a concert, a sports game or on a trip with someone special and you still have the ticket stubs? These stubs can be a great birthday gift for that someone. Keep the memory alive by framing the ticket stubs from your trip or experience. Save the moments you shared together by framing them forever.

Framed Polaroid Pictures

Polaroids might be small, but they are beautiful pieces of memories. So, pick out the favorite candid moments, celebrations, milestones and build a collage of framed memories for someone special’s birthday. You can also scribble some notes on the sides of the polaroid for more personalized messaging. Pick out a beautiful shadow box or an engraved frame to add that dramatic feel to the polaroid pictures and watch the recipient’s expressions as they unwrap the present. Now that polaroid pictures are no longer in fashion, you can print out digital photos as if they were polaroid pictures and achieve the same effect!

Framed Book/Magazine Covers

Do you have an avid reader’s birthday coming up and are wondering what to gift them on their special day? They will already be expecting a few books as presents, so why not gift something that they’ll love but never see coming? Get a copy of their favourite book, cut out its cover page and custom frame it in a beautiful holder. It’ll be a gift that they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives.

Framed Souvenirs & Memories

Birthday gifts don’t have to be expensive or traditional. A personalized birthday gift always make a bigger impression than a generic gift. Another option for birthday gifts that fit in a frame can be travel souvenirs or mementos from special occasions. A framed souvenir can transport us back to a moment in history and relive it in a way. A record that played on the first date, a love letter, menu, or a receipt from a memorable meal, it can all be framed beautifully.

Vinyl Records

Know someone who loves music? A framed vinyl record can be the perfect birthday gift for the music lovers and is also a beautiful piece of wall art. With the comeback of vinyl, there are physical records for most of the current popular songs at any given moment. Get the recipient to hang the records on the wall in a beautiful frame to add some style to their spaces.


Remember, all it takes to get the perfect gift is a little bit of digging in one’s closets, photo albums or souvenir boxes and the perfect frame. Find the long-forgotten moments and surprise your friends and family with perfect birthday gifts. Surprise someone with a one-of-a-kind memory that will enhance any room.