Our 3 Favorite Blog Posts in January

Each workday, we share a blog post on our Facebook page about something that appeals to us and our audience. Whether it’s photography, the visual arts, or home décor, you can find the internet’s most interesting content right on our Facebook page. At the end of every month, we take a look at that month’s greatest hit and list them in a blog post just like this. For January, that means you’ll find 365 pictures, 7 tips on how to paint seascapes, and one very quirky house in Texas.


There are plenty of people who shoot a picture every day, and their results are always interesting. Not that many people shoot a picture a day with an old camera in terrible shape, and only enough old-fashioned film to shoot 372 pictures (“one for each day and a week of wiggle room”). The result isn’t just in pictures, it’s an essay on savoring the moment, on watching live unfold in tales untold because that day’s shot had already been taken. The post is long, but halfway through, you’ll wish for a year’s worth of film, a horrible camera, and the writer’s outlook on live.

Visual Arts:

Throughout history and all the different art movements, the sea has been a constant theme. The draw of the ocean for artists will probably never cease, even though painting seascapes can be challenging. In this blog post, you’ll find seven different tips that will help you with your seascape painting.

Home décor:

All houses have a soul. Some houses have a soul that’s conforming and doesn’t ruffle any feathers. And then there’s this house in Austin, Texas. Although the first pictures aren’t quite impressive, the rest make up for that. And you have never seen a house get their picture frames as right as this one.

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