5 Surprisingly Cheap Custom Picture Frames

With the largest online catalogue in picture frames, you can always find a deal in our store. At the same time, the best deals can be hard to find. To help you get a head start and discover some of the best deals in our store, this blog post lists 5 surprisingly cheap custom picture frames.

Once you take a better look, however, you’ll see there’s nothing cheap about these picture frames. The quality for these frames is the same unparalleled quality as you’ll find with each of our other products. The listed price for these is based on the base price. Extras like a mat, a  bigger size and plexiglass will add to that, but not take away anything from the steal these picture frames are.

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1. White Bead Lip Valucore

Picture Frame 1.625 inch ValuCore White Bead LipMaybe this Valucore frame is technically cheating. All of our Valucore frames are set at a great price/quality point, giving you great frames for less. Using recycled materials, these frames can mimic the most luxurious-looking picture frames for a fraction of the price. It’s a win-win, and this White Bead Lip Valucore may be the best example of that. First of all, it looks like an expensive frame you dug up from an antique store in a quaint downtown area. It just magically happened to fit your picture or artwork perfectly. In truth, you bought it to match your centerpiece and had it cut to size for a great price.

2. Shiny Silver Metal Frame

Picture Frame Shiny SIlver Metal It’s not just our Valucore frames that pack great deals. In our more traditional categories (metal and wood), you can also find yourself a great deal. This Shiny Silver frame is a prime example of a metal frame that makes an irresistible deal. With a base price of just $9 for a 10″ x 10″ frame, you get a sleek frame that adds a modern look to any environment. The custom cut and metal materials make sure it fits any wall just right for decades to come.

3. Navy Shaker Style

Picture Frame Shaker Style wooden custom picture frame in navy blueArguably the biggest surprise in this entire blog post, this Navy Shaker Style picture frame with beveled edges makes quite an entry in any situation. The thick 1.25″ frame with its bold color can be the perfect addition to any room. Combined with a good picture or piece or art, this picture frame will not just capture attention, but keep it, too. Use the bold color to contrast or complement a room, and enjoy this wooden picture frame at a great price.

4. Snowball White on Ash

Woode cumstom wooden picture frame made from ash wood with a snowball white finishThis simple wooden frame has a lot to offer: the wood is clearly visible through the white wash, and the ash wood material are durable and give a nice light texture. Our Snowball White on Ash frame gives you a classy and versatile look for a great price. This is one of the frames that will work with a wide variety of pictures or pieces of art; especially bright colors will shine in this frame.

5. 1″ Flat Top Black

Woode cumstom wooden picture frame in 1 inch black with a flat topThis last frame shows that not only special frames can make a great deal. Our wooden 1″ flat top black frame is a classic in all regards. It looks solid, is made of wood, and the 1″ black framing materials helps frame absolutely everything. For a great basic frame, you’ll find that this wooden flat top black frame has everything you need for a great price.

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Visual Arts:

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