Our 3 Favorite Blog Posts in December

On our Facebook page, we share a whole lot of interesting ideas and pictures. Custom picture frames aren’t just a structure that holds what’s important. They create a gateway to art, photography, making your house look great, and paying attention to detail. And that’s why our Facebook page brings all these things to you as well. At the end of every month, we take the most popular of those posts and highlight the posts in each category that got the most reaction. For December, that means a weekly photo challenge, a remodeled ranch house, and discovering all about the expressionist art movement.


When you’re a photographer (either professional or in your spare time), there’s a good chance Christmas time includes some photography-related gifts. If you did find yourself with a few new gadgets, this 52-week challenge from PetaPixel is perfect to finetune your skills. It’s the fourth year that a challenge like that has been posted. If you’re new this year, consider it the perfect way to regularly take your camera outside of your comfort zone.

Home décor:

One of the most inspiring home décor projects is when an entire house gets upgraded. In this article from Apartment Therapy, featured on our Facebook page, you can see the stunning results of how a neglected ranch house was turned into a DIY’er’s wildest dreams. The pictures are amazing, and seeing the end result of this blogger’s journey is absolutely inspiring.

Visual arts:

Different art movements convey different ideas. Throughout history, art movements have made a big difference in how we see the world. In turn, these movements have an impact on how we see art. In art, knowledge and appreciation often go hand in hand, and Dan Scott over at DrawPaintAcademy does an amazing job unraveling the ideas behind the Expressionist art movement in this blog post.

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