Our 3 Favorite Blog Posts in September

Each day, we feature fresh content on our Facebook page that relates to everything that has to do with frames: art, home décor and photography. If you’re afraid we just talk about ourselves, don’t worry. We love to pull the best of the web in those subjects so you’ll always find someone that intrigues you.

On top of that, we feature the most popular of the articles we shared in a month and make a ‘best of’ for the month. For September, that means you have a fact-based reason why your DSLR camera is better than the camera in a smartphone, great ‘declutter’ tips for your home and the trick to shadows in your paintings and drawings. Oh, and the most popular of our own blog posts last month, because we’re pretty proud of that one, too.


The cameras in smartphones keep getting better and better. And while you can get pretty amazing pictures with these pocket cameras, they’re never going to be at the same level of a DSLR camera. While you probably knew that at to some degree, this blog post does a great job of explaining the science behind the difference. Incidentally, it gives you a great reply when someone tries to start ‘the smartphone argument’.

‘The fact-based reply to everyone who wonders why you carry around a DSLRcamera instead of just using your smartphone’

Home décor:

No matter how well decorated your house is, clutter will take away from how your house feels. Decluttering is the technique to make sure that your house feels like a home and doesn’t add to your stress levels or a subconscious to-do list. This blog post is a very practical guide to a quick declutter you can apply once a week.

How to declutter in 20 minutes’  

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Visual arts:

Shadows are a technique in painting and drawing that can be tricky to get the hang of, but very rewarding. A well-executed shadow gives your painting a sense of realism by touching up details. Shadows can take your painting from “wait, something is missing” to “I wonder what makes it look so natural”. This blog post does a great job of explaining how to create realistic shadows.

The Secret to Painting Realistic Shadows in Sunlight

Our own blog:

While our picture frames are often thought of as frames for art or photos, they also make perfect poster frames. In this blog post, we’ve selected five of our frames that would make an excellent custom poster frame.

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