Our 3 favorite posts in August

While this blog is focused on all the ways that picture frames can enrich your live, our Facebook page is a better reflection of our broader interests. We share a lot of different ideas there, focused on photography, visual art, and home decoration. At the beginning of each month, we take a look at the ideas that resonates with our Facebook fans the most and give them a last moment in the spotlights. August’s favorites includes a mother duck, a color wheel, and the most important takeaways from the world’s largest influencer in home decoration.


Our most popular post in the month of August is an adorable mother duck who loves ducklings so much, she has grown her flock to at least 76 ducklings. Between the first and second time that photographer Brent Cizek saw the mother and her long row of ducklings, she adopted about 25 more. Almost makes you wonder how long that line of bobbing ducklings is by now…

You can read the entire story here.

Home décor:

When IKEA brings out their annual catalogue, some home décor enthusiasts react like they’re Vogue during New York Fashion Week. And for good reason. IKEA might not be the fashionable choice, but their home decoration ideas and decisions impact every room in millions of households. That’s why the people from Apartment Therapy have done you the favor of breaking down the most important home trends from the 2019 IKEA catalogue. Whether or not you decide to have some meatballs with your furniture is up to you.

Read all the trends right here.

Visual arts:

Color wheels are at the basis of your paintings. They determine the feel of your painting and have a big influence on how the painting ends up looking. This blog post does a great job breaking down the essentials of creating your own color wheel and uses examples from great painters in history. It’s a great blog post that breaks down a big topic into very comprehensible pieces.

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