Our 5 Most Popular Wooden Custom Picture Frames

Are you looking for wooden custom picture frames? There are many different wooden frames you can choose from, but it can be hard to find the ones that stand out. We offer a wide range of picture frames to suit your individual needs. To help you navigate our catalogue, we’ve listed the five most popular wooden custom picture frames. All the frames have various options available, such as Plexiglass, frame size, liner, and a mat.

image featuring the five most popular wooden custom picture frames sold on www.framesbymail.com

1. simple classic wood custom picture frame1″ Flat Top Black

Our top seller among the popular wooden custom picture frames is this classic, elegant, and simple flat top. It’s easy to see why this quality black border is so popular. It will go with many different interiors and is available for a great price. This basic frame will look great in any room of your home. If you want to make this basic frame a little more adventurous, you can play with the double mat to add some color or detail.

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2. 1-1/8″ Reverse Mahoganyreverse mahogany wood custom picture frame

Another excellent frame we offer is the 1-1/8″ Reverse Mahogany wooden picture frame. This frame has a more elegant feel due to the Mahogany and looks amazing in a classic environment. The color and design of this frame really stand out and the broader frame makes it perfect for bigger pictures or artwork.

3. rosewood thin wood custom picture frame1/2″ Rosewood

This slim rosewood frame is a middle ground between the elegant and ornamented look of the reverse mahogany and the classic straight lines of the 1” Flat Top Black. The rosewood looks simple but is very attractive for all your images. Because of the slim frame, it works very well for smaller images or a gallery wall.

4. 1black shaker style wood custom picture frame-1/4″ Black Shaker Style with Beveled Edges

Our 1-1/4″ Black Shaker Style with beveled edges is reminiscent of the shaker style furniture, with real wood and straight lines. The thicker frame balances out the straight lines, and the darker wood tones add a warmth to this frame. This frame is ideal for bigger pictures, but also works exceptionally well with a sizable light-colored mat with one small opening in the middle.

5. 7/8″ Natural Ash Clear Coatnatural ash wood clear coat custom picture frame

An absolute classic, and the most ‘wood’ looking custom picture frame we’ll find in this top five. The ash color is lovely on this frame and very pleasing. The natural color of the frame will highlight all your images and will work especially well with landscape images or images of nature scenes. The rugged look can be balanced out with a wider mat, but works very well with home decorations of bare or rugged-looking wood that are very popular these day.


These are the most popular wooden custom picture frames that we offer. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. We offer the largest selection of wooden custom picture frames of any online store and have many more that are worth a look. Use our handy art size feature to pick the right frame dimensions for your images, and customize the mat and other options to really make your frame your own.

Which of these five is your favorite?