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5 ‘Picture A Day Blogs’ Around the World

Do you love taking pictures? Many people enjoy the simple joy of taking pictures and sharing them with others. It’s a relaxing hobby that allows us to showcase our own individual style. Many photographers create fun picture books, use custom picture frames to make nice displays around the home or just have a fun time with images. As recent studies have shown, taking a picture every day can even be beneficial to your well-being. Some people post a daily picture on what could be called ‘picture a day blogs’. We have compiled a list of five such blogs that are definitely worth a visit.

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girl taking a picture with a camera

National Geographic

National Geographic features a photo a day page from each day of the year. The images are complete with a caption that shows what the images is all about. Individuals can send images to them. National Geographic features a storytelling community where you can get feedback on images, take part in various photo assignments and get images published on the daily photo page.

Lens New York Times

Lens from the New York Times features daily images from our world. These images can be graphic at times, so caution is advised as they showcase real events such as disasters, war and other topics. This blog gives you a unique view into our world with the events and forces that change it daily. The images are a powerful look into the human condition.

Woody Campbell

Woody Campbell offers a unique picture blog. He takes one picture each day and has been doing this since 2009. His goal is to take one image each day and post it on his blog until the end of his life. The images on the blog are also all in black and white. This is an amazing picture blog that you have to see.

A Picture Each Day

A Picture a Day feature images from each day of the year is one of the oldest ‘picture a day blogs’ dating from 2007. The blog hardly misses a day, so it’s a nice active picture a day blog. The images cover all sorts of topics and there’s a nice caption with each image for you to read. Anyone could start a blog like this and put their images up online. You could even take the best images, use some custom picture frames, and create some nice displays around your work space for inspiration when you work on your own blog.

365 Project

365 Project is an excellent photo a day site and a good learning tool. The goal is for the members to upload a picture a day for 365 days. Each member gets their own blog page and you can comment on the images. This is the perfect site to gather some inspiration and discuss your love of photography with other individuals. There’s over 160,000 members so there’s no shortage of great images to look at.


These blogs will give photography lovers a lot of inspiration. Maybe you could start your own blog to showcase your love for taking pictures. The best part about a picture a day blog is that there’s so many amazing sites to see as this list just scratches the surface. Do you have any picture a day blogs that you like to visit?

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