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5 Amazing Ways to Decorate A Home Theater

Do you own a home theater or viewing room and you’re wondering how to make it pop? If you’re struggling to figure out how to decorate a home theater, you have come to the right place. One way to decorate a home theater is with custom picture frames. By adding frames around your theater, it highlights your own personal style which brightens the room and makes it an attractive place for everyone to enjoy movies together. We have found five way to use custom picture frames in your home theater.

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decorate a home theater with themed pictures using custom picture frames

Favorite Movie Scenes

We all have movies that we love and cherish. You might and some custom picture frames that have still images from your favorite movie scenes which you enjoy. This might be your favorite characters from a movie like a comic book hero, favorite villain, or regular movie hero. There’s many ways you could go about this. You could add a scene from each of your favorite genres, for example. This is a simple way to decorate a home theater with your own style.

Movie Memorabilia

Another option for your picture frames might include memorabilia. For example, you can buy replica props from famous movies and add those to a frame. Another idea would be to add some movie tickets to the frame in a decorative way or get signed photographs from famous people in Hollywood and add those to the wall. You might include a small piece of memorabilia along with an image of the actor or actress that used the piece in a movie.

Movie Posters

Another option to use custom picture frames is to add movie posters in a display around the theater. There are many different posters you can buy that would make a great way to decorate a home theater. If you have a famous movie genre like horror for example, you could turn the wall into a horror theme and run with that idea.

Showcase Your Love for Movies

One unique thing you could do with custom picture frames is to showcase your love for movies. Today, we often take pictures of places we go to and this can include the movies. You could add images of friends and family going out to enjoy the movies and add these to the frame with captions to highlight the movie you enjoyed.

Movie History

Another fun idea for picture frames might be to highlight the evolution and history of movie from the start of the silver screen up until today’s big stars. You could give this a museum like feel and make it unique. For example, you could take famous movie image from history and write a paragraph or two under it to showcase how it changed movies.


These are the top five ways that you can you can use custom picture frames to decorate a home theater. By adding frames, you’ll give the home theater a unique look which everyone will love. There’s many other ways that you can decorate a home theater with picture frames besides the ones listed.

Do you have your own ideas for using custom picture frames in your home theater?

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