3 Blog Posts We Loved In April

We know that custom picture frames can be very versatile, just like you. And while we love our frames and applying them to every single part of life, we sometimes turn to others to find ways for you to fill them. In this blog post, we’ll take you through the three blog posts we absolutely loved in April. There’s one photography blog, one artist blog, and one blog on home décor. If you’ve got a blog you want to share, leave it in the comments!

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Photography: 9 Composition Tips For Shooting Good Landscape Photos

Great online photography tutorials can be hard to find. Most tutorials seem geared towards professionals who are trying to make photography their business and spend more time with Photoshop than with a camera stuck on their face. What about us, the people who want to get better at taking pictures just for its own sake?

We found us something. This fantastic blog post gives very practical tips on how to shoot better landscape pictures. It even uses sloppy lines the way your old teachers used to do. It’s the perfect kind of blog post for someone looking to shoot better landscape photos.

Visual Arts: 11 Things To Do After You Finish A Painting

Finishing a painting is a great feeling of accomplishment. Nothing will make you feel more accomplished than putting those last few brush strokes on the canvas and stepping back to watch your work. But then what? Before you move on to the next painting, consider these 11 things to do with your painting.

Now, there’s a twelfth step missing, but our catalogue of custom picture frames will cover that last step whenever you’re ready.

Home Décor: Living Room Focal Point Decorating Tips

We must admit, we’re going to be biased towards any blog post that includes the phrase ‘almost anything can be framed’. But even without a bias, this blog post on creating a focal point in your living room is a great creativity catalyst.

It gives five great tips on how to create a focal point and create order in your living room and how it looks. It’s so realistic, it even includes planning for a clutter space.

And your favorite blog post on our own blog:

Speaking of popular blog posts, the favorite post on our own blog was on selecting a great mat for your custom picture frame. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, yet, make sure you catch up on your reading here.  

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