5 mats to consider for your custom frame

One of the best-kept secrets of a great picture frame is choosing the right mat. Having a great mat that fits your picture will enhance the display of your picture or artwork on many different levels. You can find picture mats in many different colors and textures. You can find single, double or triple mats, and mats in any shape you can imagine (including letters). Whatever texture, color, or material you choose; it’s important to match the mat with the frame and the picture. Below, we have listed five different mats to help you rock your next picture frame.

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Square mat for the classic effect

The most popular mat used by most people is the classic square-shaped mat. This is a classic and compact style that frames your picture without changing its design. You can choose these mats for your frames if you want to draw extra attention to the details of the picture. Square mats work best with small to medium-sized pictures.

Multiple mats for a collage in a frame

If you prefer framing several pictures in a single frame, then choose a multiple-opening mat for a perfect result. Our custom picture mat designer allows you to choose from different templates or design your own multiple-opening mat. Depending on how many pictures you want to use in your frame, we’ll give you a mat that works with them. Try to keep a balance in the size of the picture and play with the placement of the pictures for an optimal effect.

Circle opening for a vintage look

Circle mats are perfect when you want to give your pictures a vintage touch. When you think of oval-shaped pictures, there’s a good chance the black and white pictures of your grandparents come to mind. If that’s the effect you want, go for an oval shape. Retro and vintage looks are very fashionable these days, and if you’ve got a family picture or a special picture with a filter, an oval-shaped mat might just finish the look you’re going for.

Narrow opening for panoramic pictures

Long and narrow pictures can be a great eye-catcher in your room. To accommodate these pictures, getting a long and narrow opening in your picture mat will enhance the panoramic effects of the picture itself.

Sports mat for special effects

Our sports mats are a great way to add atmosphere to a sports picture. They don’t just look like a basketball, golf ball or football, but feel like it, too! Whichever sport you choose, our specialty sports mats will give you the perfect composition.


Any custom picture frame becomes more fascinating and eye-catching with a well-chosen picture mat. If you want to draw all eyes to your artwork or picture, choose a matching mat for it and combine it with a perfect frame. A great combo will make the whole composition look even better.  

What’s your favorite type of mat?

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