How to Create a Sports Wall Collage

In many families, sports are an important part of everyday life. The busy schedule and regular games become an integral part of everyday lives. It only makes sense to display the highlight reel of these years as decorations in your home. We’re not just talking about the jerseys and dirty towels that already ‘decorate’ your floors and furniture, but an intentional ode to performance.

Why not build a sports wall to honor your child’s passion?

kids cheering about a goal

Make a story on your wall

If your kid has been playing the same sport for a long time, one of the fun ways to show this in the sports wall collage is by featuring pictures of ‘then and now’. This is a great way to demonstrate their perseverance and improvement, and a reminder of how much they’ve improved by practicing regularly.

Another way to do this is by adding pictures of new years, but not replacing all the old pictures from previous years. Keep the best ones, and build a story of improvement and memories.

When you’re building a collage, it’s also good to incorporate more than one picture, or even things that aren’t pictures. Game stubs, pictures taken with professional athletes, and maybe even an old team jersey all make amazing additions to a sports collage wall in your home.

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Build a composition

Instead of just putting some frames next to each other, or having one frame with multiple pictures, combine different types of frames in one collage. You can play with shapes, for example by having one square frame in the middle with odd-shaped or round shapes around it. Using a prominent mat in the middle picture will also make it stand out. Use our print and frame wizard to print your picture and have it send to your home – framed and ready to hang in your wall!

You can also use canvas pictures to create a collage with different elements. Canvas printing has the advantage that the picture comes with a gallery wrap included, so there is no need for a frame (although it’s still optional). By using a mixture of pictures and ornaments, you can also create a collage that is appealing to the eye and makes your space look amazing.

Focus on what’s important

It’s tempting to have pictures of trophies and achievements in the center but remember that sports aren’t just about achievements and trophies. Fun times with team mates, a graceful defeat, or a particular moment that was important for your kid personally without any significance to a win might be more important than accolades that are recognized by other people. Building a sports collage on your wall is a great way to show the pride you have in your kid, and encourage them to keep bettering themselves.


As you can see, there are a few different ways you can make a sports wall collage. Using a mixture of pictures, and a variety of custom picture frames, you can create a piece of art that is eye-catching and will make your kids proud, too.

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