Five Documents That Are Worth Framing

Do you have any documents that are worth framing? Any pieces of paper that means a lot to you but don’t get the attention they deserve? Some documents in your life represent all the energy and effort you put into achieving your accomplishment. To capture all that in one piece of paper is pretty amazing. But what can you do with a piece of paper now that you’re done?

One of the best ways to honor your achievements is by showing them off on the wall of your living room or office. Who said walls and frames were only for artwork and photographs? With the right frame, your framed documents can display your achievements and become wall art in themselves.

Wondering what documents are worth framing? We’ll get you started with this list of five documents that are worth framing and make your space look awesome.


One of the most important documents to frame is your diploma(s). Whether it is a high school, college or a post-graduation diploma, your success deserves to be displayed. A diploma is the most tangible measure of success you’ll get, and therefore it’s a document that you should be proud to show to everyone. Don’t let your accomplishments gather dust in a drawer, but let them inspire you and maybe even others, too.

Business license

Whether it is a mandatory business license or a license that enables you to practice a specialization, licenses are at the core of what you do. Most business licenses need to be in sight, so why not display it with the professionalism that you display everywhere else in your business? It’s more than just a piece of paper; it represents who you are and what you do.

Signed documents and pictures

Do you have a picture or document that was signed by your favorite athlete, writer, celebrity or another role model? It probably means a lot to you, so use a custom picture frame to keep it safe from dust and mold. If not properly protected, this piece of memorabilia can discolor and stain over time. So take care of that signed artifact, because you might never get your hands on that autograph again!

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Collectible documents

If you inherited or found a historical document that means a lot to you and your family, it is only right to give it the respect it deserves. Frame the collectible document to prevent it from collecting dust and becoming worthless over time. Framing and hanging the collectible document will also give you peace of mind about its safety, because it will be right in sight.

Newspaper/Magazine articles

Another important document you can frame is a newspaper or magazine article that you or your family were mentioned in or marks a specific date or event. It is an amazing feeling to be featured in a media outlet, and framing it ensures that you make it a memory that will never be forgotten.


Framing documents the right way is a precise business. You need to be careful with the document itself and spend some time finding the right frame that fits the space you plan to hang it. Visit the ready-made document frames on our website to get inspired. Then go on and show your documents that are worth framing to the world!

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