How To Decorate A Party With Picture Frames

Themed parties are always a good time. Dressing up and decorating in a certain style can be a whole lot of fun, and plenty of hosts are always ready to throw a themed party. The secret to pulling off the best decorations for a themed party is by focusing on the details. In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few different ways you can use custom picture frames to decorate a themed party.

three women having a party for the blog post how to decorate a themed party with picture frames

Boxed frame

The easiest way to display a lot of things at the same time is by using a boxed frame. These frames are a little deeper than the usual picture frame and can display all sorts of small objects. You can make a collage that represents the theme of the party, or if you’re hosting a mystery dinner, include clues of the game inside of the box collage.

Collage Frames for Party Decorations

Another way to decorate a themed party is by composing a collage on your wall. If your theme is the 1950’s, for example, you’d hang different movie stars and advertising posters on your wall clustered on one spot in different frames. To get more ideas on how to make a picture collage on your wall, read our blog posts on making a sports wall for your kids’ sports.

Empty Vintage Frames

It may be a cliché but having a giant vintage picture frame that people can take a picture with is always a hit. Attach special decorations to the frame to stay with the theme, or maybe even craft some ‘text balloons’ out of paper with phrases that fit your party.

Framed party favors

If you’d like to hand out party favors around your theme, a small picture frame is one of the best ways to do so. Anything in a picture frame almost instantly becomes personal and thoughtful, and if you can find a way to print pictures of the night itself and frame them before people leave, you have an instant memory of your themed party.

5 Frames That Help You Sell Your Artwork

Custom picture frames are the finishing touch to your artwork and really increase the chance to sell your artwork, just because it looks more finished and professional. A picture frame enhances the attention given to the artwork by creating a composition that is more appealing and more professional. A frame helps in creating a sense of wholeness, but also provides structure and can protect your artwork to keep it in shape longer.

a framed picture will really help you sell your artwork

However, framing an artwork requires precision and an eye for aesthetics. Picking the right frame can be an art form all in itself. A well-chosen frame will enhance the appearance of the artwork while not taking away any attention from it, whereas a poorly-chosen frame can either draw too much attention or give the whole composition a bad vibe. To help you choose the best frame for your artwork, we highlight five different types of picture frames below that might trigger your creativity when it comes to framing.

Ornate gold this gold ornate classic custom picture frame works great with classic artwork

If you have a piece of artwork that is very classic, such as a still life, using a double mat with gold edges will add a timeless and royal touch to your artwork. The ornate gold helps in dressing up the painting. If you are worried that the bright and luminous gold would overshadow the artwork, don’t be. Remember that many pictures in museums all over the world choose the same composition, too.

Dark wood

Pick a shade of brown from the artwork and select a dark earthy wood frame to complement the image. It’s a great frame option for an artwork like portraits or something crisp that can use some warming up to not appear very stark and bold. The Earthy dark wood custom picture frame helps in establishing a calm and yet strong effect.

Rustic and raw wood this rustic wood classic custom picture frame works great with artwork depicting scenes of nature

An artwork usually inspires the frame choice. A rustic wood picture frame works great for landscape pieces. The raw wood frame complements the natural setting and evokes subtle feelings of the outdoors. The frame just fits the natural scene in a very gentle way.

Narrow white border

The primary purpose of a frame is to focus your attention on the artwork. While this type of frame will work well with many different genres of art, it especially highlights a modern work. If you have bold colors, the minimalist frame will balance it out nicely.

Narrow black metal this narrow black custom picture frame works great with modern artwork

A narrow black metal works great for art that is minimalist itself, like inspirational quotes. A black custom picture frame enhances the appearance of the text in the image or will subtly draw attention to lighter areas of the artwork. The frame doesn’t take away the focus from the text. This effect works even better if the text is written in a beautiful bold font.


Most frames will enhance your artwork. A frame gives the composition a finished and professional effect. But to maximize the effects, choosing the right frame will do wonders if you’re trying to sell your artwork. We hope that this blog post gave you some pointers, but we’d love to hear your thoughts, too!

How To Make A Collage Using Picture Frames

Thanks to the variety of custom picture frames these days we can make a unique wall collage with our favorite pictures. The options are endless, and there is always a way to match a picture collage you’re your existing space. Whether you’re looking to decorate your kids’ bedrooms or hang a centerpiece in your living room, our tips below will get your creativity going.

picture to accompany blog post of how to build a wall collage with custom picture frames

A Composition of Metal Frames

Metal frames are generally considered the most fashionable photo frames that you can use for your wall collages. Their sleek and modern design can complement a sleek space, or create a playful contrast with a more traditional design. Make sure you match your frames with the existing composition and colors of the space you’re decorating.  Combine several of our metal frames and hang them side by side to craft a story with your photos. Our metal frames are classic, elegant and very neat. They work great with black and white pictures as well. You can even combine different colors of frames for a better look.  We offer silver, gold, copper and black shades in different styles and sizes.

Wooden Frames

Wooden frames are classics that will never go out of style. We have a number of ornate wooden frames that are great candidates to be the center piece and eye-catching middle of your collage. Our other wooden frames are also great candidates for a timeless display of your pictures and available in rosewood, black, green, navy, bronze, reverse mahogany, walnut, gold leaf and many other interesting shades. Depending on the colors of your walls and overall décor of your rooms, you can either choose the same color for all frames or opt for a mixture of shades to highlight each of your pictures.

Collage Frames

Maybe this feels like cheating, but a collage frame is a great way to enhance a wall collage. You can either consider our classic collage frames that fit a few pictures in one frame in a very classic way, or check out our gallery of multiple-opening mats that can convey a thoughtful and loving message; perfect to underline the idea of a wall collage in your living room. Consider for example our cutouts with words, where every letter is an opening for a picture. It’s the perfect way to complete a wall collage in a simple way.

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The only real limit to building a wall collage is your imagination. Our collection of custom picture frames is the largest collection you’ll find online and gives you endless possibilities to combine and create a stunning wall collage in your house.

5 Ideas for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is one of the most exciting holidays. It is the day when you can thank your mother for all her love, kindness and the life she gave you. As we try to show our love towards our mothers, finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be tricky. A personal and thoughtful gift can really show love in a unique way. We have complied a list of five perfect Mother’s Day gifts you can frame in our custom picture frames. Pick the idea that you like best, or run with it and make it your own! And if you have a great idea for a gift you can frame, don’t forget to leave it in the comments.

picture for the blog post suggesting ideas to get to the perfect Mother's Day gift

1. A Special Note

When you think of a perfect Mother’s Day gift you can frame, you might think first of a picture. While pictures can make a great gift, some notes can feel even more thoughtful. If you’ve ever written your mother a note as a kid, you can frame it or even try to remake it. Even better, you can use both and make a small collage (perhaps with a picture, too). But don’t hesitate to write a letter from scratch. This will not just warm your mother’s heart, but also show your love in a way you can’t just buy from a store.

Speaking of things you can buy in a store, check out these frames that would be perfect for a simple collage.

2. Heart-Shaped Photo Collage

If you want to use pictures, the best way to turn it into a perfect Mother’s Day gift is to create a collage in the shape of a heart. Hearts are popular around Mother’s Day and they’re a great way to turn normal pictures in a loving and thoughtful collage. It’s a display of love on so many levels, and will be the single best way to frame your love for your mother.

3. Box Frame

Another cool idea of framing a collage is by using a shadow box frame. This allows you to put anything you like inside the frame to decorate around a picture or the pictures you’re using. You can also include little notes, words, and even small objects that have a special meaning to you and your mother. If you can find it, a small gift from your childhood that your mother gave you or you gave her can be the perfect addition to a box frame.

4. Simple Collage Frame

A simple collage frame is perfect if you’re looking to build a collage for Mother’s Day but don’t have a lot of creativity. Our collage frames are the easiest way to bundle special pictures in one frame. A simple collage frame with three or four openings is by far the easiest way to get a lot of special in a small space. These frames are both modern and beautiful. They can hold several photos at the same time and will remind your mother of the special moments that you have spent together.

5. Our ‘Mother’ frame

There is an even easier way than getting a simple collage frame. Our special ‘Mother’ frame gives you six openings for pictures in the most fitting frame you can find for Mother’s Day. If there is a perfect Mother’s Day gift you can frame, this is it.


Whether you pick one of our suggestions or make them your own, browse our catalogue for the perfect frame. Showing and giving love has never been easier, and you can make a big impression this year by giving the perfect Mother’s Day gift. She will love the thought you’ve put into this and probably proudly display your love for everyone to see.


How To Frame and Hang a Sports Jersey

Sports are a favorite pastime all around the world, and one of the most prized possessions of a sports fan is a jersey worn or signed by an actual athlete. They’re hard to find, but someone has to win that auction, raffle, or catch the shirt in the stadium. Since this is the only time you’ll ever want to air out dirty laundry, we’ll discuss how to frame a sports jersey in this blog post. If you want, you can use the same techniques for any other framing job, but in this post we’ll focus on how to frame a sports jersey.

picture of a sports jersey for the blog post 'how to frame a sports jersey' from

1. Find the right space in your house

First of all, you should figure out where you want to hang the jersey. Since this frame will take up quite some space, you’ll want to give it a bit of room. Perhaps you have a sports-themed wall in your basement that would make a perfect spot for the jersey. If you’re a true fan (and your spouse tolerates it), you can opt for the bedroom. Whatever space you choose, make sure it has enough room to display a jersey and leave some room around it. Perhaps you’ll want to include some other pictures and objects around the jersey and make the space into a collage.

2. Find the right frame

A shadow box is a frame with more depth than an average custom picture frame. It is perfect for hanging and displaying objects, such as a sports jersey. As a suggestion, our black shadow box is a great neutral choice that will work with most spaces and colors. Because you can customize the size, it works for many different objects. Even if the jersey you’re hanging isn’t perfectly square, you want to pick a square frame. Leave some room around the object, so if the jersey measures 18” along the longest side, you’ll want to pick a frame that’s 21” x 21”, or 23” x 23” if you’re feeling a little more adventurous.

3. Pick the mat

If you’ve chosen the more adventurous option in the last step, you can add a mat to the frame in the colors of your team. For example, if we’re framing a jersey from the St. Louis Cardinals (the home team of Frames by Mail), we could add a bright red mat along the edge of the frame. For an even more adventurous twist, we could add a mat without an opening, so that the entire background is one solid color. If your team has two prominent colors, you could even add a double mat.

4. Finish your space

To add the finishing touches to the frame and collage, choose our picture hanging kit. Now, hanging the picture will be even easier than with our standard hanging options. For the full impressive effect, hang a spotlight over the frame to really display your prized jersey.

Whose jersey are you hoping to frame and hang one day?

Now that you’ve learned how to frame a sports jersey, read how to create a sports collage right here.

Great ways to decorate the bathroom

If you had something framed, where would you hang it? It’s most likely you’re thinking of your bedroom, living room or dining area. But are you forgetting about one room in particular? It’s a room that you and everyone in your house use on a frequent basis every day: your bathroom. Why would you decorate every room in your house with pictures except the bathroom?

picture of a bathroom with a large picture frame to accompany the blog post on how to decorate the bathroomThe bathroom is the most visited space where you go to get refreshed, so there is no reason not to decorate it. And there’s a good chance your bathroom has an empty wall that provides plenty of space for framed decorations. Once you start thinking about it, there are plenty of ways to decorate the bathroom.

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Frames to hang in your bathroom

  • Photographs – If you are a dreamer and most of your shower and bathroom time is spent planning and dreaming, then all you need for your day-dreaming inspiration is a great picture (or two). Use pictures from your recent travels or adventures or a destination you want to visit in the future. Pictures in custom frames also add to the overall aesthetics of the room.
  • Inspirational quotes – You spend a huge chunk of your mornings in the bathroom. A lot of reflection and thinking happens in this room, and for this reason, the bathroom is the perfect place to set the tone for the day. Surround yourself with the messages you want to remind yourself of and that you want to have an impact in your life and day. Quotes can serve as a motivation, give hope, or make us more of who we want to be.

“Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most.” – Buddha

An inspirational quote like the one above can motivate anyone and reinstate the feeling of hope.

  • Paintings – The bathroom can be a great and unexpected place to hang a piece of artwork that can delight you and your visitors when you visit the little room. If you or one of your family members is into art, the bathroom can be a great place to showcase their work.
  • Wall collage – If you have more than just a little space in your bathroom, try picking a theme and display things that are related to it and display them in a custom picture frame. Flowers, travel destinations, nature, waterfalls etc. You can use custom picture frames in different sizes, shapes and colors for an interesting combination.


The bathroom is a great space to showcase your artwork, interests and dreams. While you won’t have as much space as in other spaces in the house, a well-chosen custom picture frame and quote, picture, or piece of artwork can make a big difference in a small room. Unless your bathroom is an extraordinary size, most of your bathroom decorations should go in small frames.

What’s your favorite quote to start your day?


How to create a vacation album on the wall

Before digital photography was the norm, people would return from vacation and create a photo album to bundle the memories of their vacation forever. While you can order online photo albums these days, they’re not quite the same. What if we offered you a third solution that would highlight your memories and keep them right in sight, while also upgrading your walls? You can turn your trip into a vacation collage on your wall by using our custom picture frames and the tips below.

picture of someone holding a vacation picture

Use a map in your collage

If you went somewhere exotic, you can include a map of the place(s) you went and put pictures next to the most important places. This not just enriches your composition, but helps you remember the travel itself, instead of only the destination.

Make a timeline in a horizontal frame

A wide horizontal frame can be the perfect way to display a timeline of your travels. Start with the preparation and the excitement before the trip and show highlights of your vacation from there on in a chronological order. It will look elegant and fun, but also triggers your memory of all the moments in between every time you see it.

Use a classic collage frame

Our classic collage frame is the perfect opportunity to bundle similar memories in one display. That also makes it the perfect chance to capture an entire vacation in one single frame. The straight lines and simple frame makes it a very elegant way to display your vacation in plain sight.

Add small objects that remind you of your vacation

One of the easiest memories come in the form of tickets and stubs. One single ticket to ride the subway in New York can evoke just as many memories as a picture. The bottle cap for an exotic soda you won’t find at home can add a sense of adventure in your collage. For the best effect, combine a small object with a picture of the event itself.


They say you should invest your money in memories, not stuff. To keep your memories alive, a vacation album on the wall in the form of a collage is a great way to make your vacation last forever. Whether you choose to make a collage with different frames, or one collage in a single frame, our custom picture frames offer you the greatest choice in photo albums on the wall.

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What’s the best vacation memory you’ve captured in a picture?

4 perfect and personal wedding anniversary gifts

Most people think of custom picture frames as a way to display your pictures and artwork, but they also make a great personal anniversary gift. Because you can use a custom picture frame for a wide variety of objects (aside from pictures and artwork), they make a very versatile anniversary gift. In this blog post, we have found five personal wedding anniversary gifts that will surprise your significant other and make it easy to find your wedding anniversary gift on a budget.

Family tree in a box frame

One of the most exciting and precious gifts is a family tree. Especially for couples who’ve been together for a few years and started a family, a family tree can be a perfect ode to your family. While the basics idea will be the same, you can unleash your creativity to really make a family tree your own. If you decide to use craft materials instead of a tree that fits a piece of paper, consider a shadow box frame. The added depth will make your gift a centerpiece in any room.

Wedding vows in a frame

Chances are you’ve got a wedding picture somewhere in your house. But over the years, your vows have probably replaced the wedding day as the most important thing in your marriage, even if you’ve never explicitly thought about them. A collage that focuses on your wedding vows can be a great gift to surprise your spouse. Whether you made your own vows or used a standard vow, you can frame them in a fancy font and decorate it with pictures, memories, or a love letter that underlines the vows in your own words.

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A timeline in pictures

A personal photo gallery of your memories together can be a fantastic way to commemorate your favorite moments together, and perhaps reflect on different times in your relationship. You can select a picture for each year of your relationship and put them in a custom picture frame by using our custom mat designer. This also allows you to put years and other texts with the pictures for a great custom experience.

Your love in one word

Another great gift idea that comes straight from our custom picture mat designer is a mat with cut out letters. Each letter houses a different picture. You can choose to display your last name, a general word like ‘LOVE’, or a word that means something to the two of you. Whichever word you choose, this is a great way to quickly make a wedding anniversary gift that feels personal and intimate.  


Custom picture frames are an easy way to find the perfect wedding anniversary gift. Even if you choose a gift that doesn’t actually include pictures, anything that comes in a frame will be personal and thoughtful. If you’re looking for more inspiration after these four suggestions, have a look at our gift center or read some of our other blog posts about gift ideas.

What other wedding anniversary gifts can you fit in a frame?

5 mats to consider for your custom frame

One of the best-kept secrets of a great picture frame is choosing the right mat. Having a great mat that fits your picture will enhance the display of your picture or artwork on many different levels. You can find picture mats in many different colors and textures. You can find single, double or triple mats, and mats in any shape you can imagine (including letters). Whatever texture, color, or material you choose; it’s important to match the mat with the frame and the picture. Below, we have listed five different mats to help you rock your next picture frame.

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Square mat for the classic effect

The most popular mat used by most people is the classic square-shaped mat. This is a classic and compact style that frames your picture without changing its design. You can choose these mats for your frames if you want to draw extra attention to the details of the picture. Square mats work best with small to medium-sized pictures.

Multiple mats for a collage in a frame

If you prefer framing several pictures in a single frame, then choose a multiple-opening mat for a perfect result. Our custom picture mat designer allows you to choose from different templates or design your own multiple-opening mat. Depending on how many pictures you want to use in your frame, we’ll give you a mat that works with them. Try to keep a balance in the size of the picture and play with the placement of the pictures for an optimal effect.

Circle opening for a vintage look

Circle mats are perfect when you want to give your pictures a vintage touch. When you think of oval-shaped pictures, there’s a good chance the black and white pictures of your grandparents come to mind. If that’s the effect you want, go for an oval shape. Retro and vintage looks are very fashionable these days, and if you’ve got a family picture or a special picture with a filter, an oval-shaped mat might just finish the look you’re going for.

Narrow opening for panoramic pictures

Long and narrow pictures can be a great eye-catcher in your room. To accommodate these pictures, getting a long and narrow opening in your picture mat will enhance the panoramic effects of the picture itself.

Sports mat for special effects

Our sports mats are a great way to add atmosphere to a sports picture. They don’t just look like a basketball, golf ball or football, but feel like it, too! Whichever sport you choose, our specialty sports mats will give you the perfect composition.


Any custom picture frame becomes more fascinating and eye-catching with a well-chosen picture mat. If you want to draw all eyes to your artwork or picture, choose a matching mat for it and combine it with a perfect frame. A great combo will make the whole composition look even better.  

What’s your favorite type of mat?

Why buy a custom frame sent over mail?

Picture frames are an undervalued product. They’re the easiest way to decorate a room while also making it much more personal. Whether you’re capturing a significant moment in your life or want to display a piece of artwork you’ve made, a picture frame can enhance and display so much.

But when it comes to buying a picture frame, you’ve got many places to go. So why buy a custom picture frame online? What’s the difference between our custom picture frames and the ones you get in a store? In this blog post, we’ll show you the reasons to buy your custom picture frames online.

Ordering an online frame is easy

The ease of ordering is the clearest reason to pick a custom picture frame that is sent over mail is the ease of ordering. Especially with our ‘Print & Frame’ service, our website allows you to upload your picture, choose the different components of your picture frame, and wait for a completed picture frame to get delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is hang the picture and enjoy it.

Our online picture frame shop gives you expert knowledge

We can help you with all your questions concerning picture frames, because it’s all we do. Our picture frames aren’t an insignificant part of a larger inventory that we hardly know anything about; we deal with picture frames every single day. You’ll be hard-pressed to think of a question we haven’t answered or a problem we haven’t solved.

An online picture frame store gives you endless options

A store can only offer you a limited variety of picture frames. Our warehouse can host a dazzling amount of picture frames, and therefore our website can give you the largest collection of picture frames online. Framing a picture is more than just picking the right picture, it’s balancing a composition. The more choices you have in how you put your frame together, the better your custom framed picture will look.

Online shopping means lower prices

You can find expert knowledge and a wide variety of picture frames at specialized shops, too. But aside from geographical limitations, these shops have a lot of overhead that adds to the price of your picture frame. And because they assemble most picture frames for their clients, there is a labor fee hidden in the cost of their frames, too. Assembling your own frames instead gives you the same frame for a fraction of the price.

Our custom picture frames revolve around better customization

Our online wizard will help you find just what you need from an endless amount of options. You can customize each part of your frame to perfectly meet your needs. If you have special requests, we can work with you to find a solution.


Ordering an online frame is the most cost-effective way to bundle a wide variety of options, expert knowledge and low pricing into one easy experience that gets you the precise picture frame you want. To find out what a wide variety of picture frames looks like, browse our metal, wood, or ‘green’ frames, or read more blogs to get inspired.