Our 5 Most Popular Valucore Custom Picture Frames

Are you looking for Valucore custom picture frames? These picture frames can make any images you have standout on your walls. There are many different styles of these frames to choose from, so we have listed the five most popular Valucore custom picture frames you might want to use for all your picture needs. Through our site, you’ll be able to customize your frames with sizing, backing Plexiglass, liner, and any necessary backing. It’s easy to pick your options once you’ve decided on the frame you wish to buy.

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1 1/2″ Flat Black with Bevel Lip

This frame has a nice bevel feature and the black color is very attractive. It’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular Valucore  custom picture frames. The main frame is quite wide, making it a good highlight for all your images. Make sure you pick your options before you buy to make this frame stand out even more.

2″ Flat Espresso

This flat-looking frame has a very wide border, so it will make an image stand out nicely. It would be perfect for images that you want to draw the eye to. Like all our frames, you have many different options to choose from such as mats, plexiglass, liner, and frame size, to make the frame the perfect match for your pictures.

3 1/2″ Antique Gold

This frame has a very nice antique feel to it and the gold color stands out nicely. The border is very wide, so it would be perfect for that special image you want to highlight in the room. The antique style of this frame can make even a boring display into an extraordinary one.

3 5/8 Mahogany Ornate Rope

This black frame is very unique looking. The wood is Mahogany, and it features a great rope-like ornate design on the frame which stands out well. This is one of the nicer Valucore custom picture frames we offer. Make it even more attractive with added features like picture mats, plexiglass, and other options we have made available for your frame.

1 5/8″ White Bead Lip

This frame has a nice white distressed look to it. The large frame would make a wonderful highlight for your image. You’ll also get a superb antique style feel with this frame and it would make a great addition to any room that featured white distressed style furnishings or other similar picture frames.


These are some of the most popular Valucore custom picture frames we hve to offer. When you design any room, you can customize the area and make it a unique experience for everyone by adding some small touches like customized picture frames. Do you have any design options you like to use for your picture frames? There’s so many options for creating just the right room to showcase your love of photography

How to Hang Pictures – 4 Ways to Get Your Artwork up on the Wall

Many people wonder how to hang pictures correctly on their walls. There are several different ways to hang your images, picture frames, or custom picture frames, so they display in a nice attractive way on the wall.  Before you actually hang the pictures, measure everything so you know the exact size of the frames you need. You’ll need to look at the overall space and decide how you want to arrange things before you start hanging. It’s always a good idea to sketch out the overall arrangement before you hang the images to get a good idea of how you want things. Below we’ve listed the four main ways to answer the question of how to hang pictures on your wall.

this blog post shows you how to hang a picture


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Mounting Brackets on the Wall

One way to hang your custom picture frame is with mounting brackets. Visit our supply page to pick up some brackets to mount your images. Make sure you use a stud finder to ensure the picture is held in place securely. These brackets are usually quite sturdy and a good option for most pictures. Check out our instruction page for proper installation.

Attaching A Wire to Both Ends of The Frame

Another common option to hang a picture frame is to use a wire which attaches to each end of the frame. We offer several different wires for your picture frames. Picture wire is very easy to install. You just measure the frame from end to end, save some wiggle room, and then cut off the right length of wire for the frame. You’ll need some strap hangers to attach the wire to.

A Saw Tooth Hanger

Another option for lighter picture frames is to use a saw tooth hanger. Refer to our supplies page for saw tooth hanger options for all your custom picture frames. Make sure the hanger won’t be seen from above the frame so take care before you install it. The installation of a saw tooth hanger is quite easy. It’s best to install the hanger in the middle of the frame so the frame hangs evenly. You can make a pencil mark at the frame center point and align the hook with it. Some hooks have a mark in the middle which makes it easier to do. Use a hammer or a screwdriver depending upon what the hanger needs for installation.

Security Locks

If you want to know how to hang picture frames in the best way, take a look at our security locks. These locking systems have major benefits. They will secure the artwork in your wall, so it doesn’t fall off. It also prevents tampering or theft of the artwork. If you want your treasured artwork to be safe, security locks are the way to go. These locks are easy to set up and come in a ready-to-go kit, so you have everything you need to install them.


Now that you’ve seen the four best ways, you’ll never have to wonder how to hang pictures again. These are the best ways to install your picture frames and custom picture frames. Your frames will look great on the wall and you have several options for setting them up. Security locks are the best option as they have more benefits than other mounting techniques.

What option do you like the best to install your picture frames?

Our 4 Most Popular Metal Custom Picture Frames

Are you looking for metal picture frames?  A metal frame can be a great choice to display your pictures. You have a lot of options when you using metal custom picture frames. If it’s hard to find the exact style of metal frame you need, we can help. Our company carries a wide range of metal frames to showcase all your wonderful pictures and we have listed the most popular metal custum picture frames from our catalog.

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this black metal custom picture frame with cross hatch design is one of our top choicesCross Hatch Frosted Black with broad border

There are a few different variations of this black metal classic, and it’s not hard to see why. This frame features an attractive black border to highlight your images and with its sleek design yields any attention to the actual picture. The cross hatch adds a subtle texture to your frame. The larger border will make your images stand out, and works very well with a slim mat to shift the focus to the main picture.

Shiny Silver shiny silver metal custom picture frame

If you’re looking to make the most out of your metal frame and go for the classic metal look, this shiny frame might just be the perfect choice. The silver color is attractive, simple, and the frame outline is smaller, making it a sleek addition to your wall or display. Make sure you pick the options you prefer before you buy to make the frame stand out even more.

Thin Frame Frosted Black this frosted black metal picture frame is one of our most popular metal frames

This frame is similar to the first and feature a nice simple frosted black border. If you want a smaller sized border, this is the frame for you. The frosted black frame will help all your images stand out on the wall. For a minimalist style, this frame is perfect.

Cross Hatch Frosted Silver this cross hatch silver frame is one of our most popular metal custom picture frames

This cross hatch frosted silver frame combines the cross hatch that we saw in the most popular frame with the silver color that really underlines the material choices. With a broad border, this frame is more of a statement than the more minimalist options we’ve discussed above, but very popular for clear reasons.


Custom metal picture frames are a great choice to display your images. We feature many different styles of frames to choose from to make your images unique and special. This way, you can use the preferences for each frame to pick your options and then place the order. If you didn’t find the perfect frame among our most popular metal custom picture frames, let us know and we will be happy to help you find the perfect frame for your images today.

How to Hang and Frame Pictures Like a Museum

When it comes to hanging frames in your home, there are many things to consider that you might not even think of. For the best tips, look at what the pros are doing. You can gain a lot of insight about how to frame pictures from watching what museums do. After all, these experts have a lot of experience displaying frames in the most attractive ways. We have found some ways you can hang and frame pictures like a museum and listed them below.

frame pictures like a museum with these insider tips

Some Masterpieces Need A Built-Up

This one is counterintuitive, but maybe your best images shouldn’t be the first thing that people see when they walk into a room. They should be able to discover other images first before the big payoff of the most exciting image in your display. This will build up tension and anticipation of what will be discovered as you walk into a room. Museums do this all the time as they save the best images for later on in the display.

Subtle Colors Work Best for The Background

When it comes to your background, you want some subtle colors, so it doesn’t look too busy. These subtle colors will work best. Current color trends are blues, greys, and greens which are both popular in the museum setting and have many uses in home décor to highlight your pictures.

Uses Pieces to Complement Each Other

You should base your compositions on a theme or a style. For example, if you take a lot of flower images you can base the theme on a certain flower color. If you have images of sunsets you could create a theme using those images. Try to have groups of images that relate to each other instead of just random images as it will look better on a wall and add interest. This way, you can have both create the composition and frame pictures like a museum.

Avoid Damage

A painting might look terrific over the fireplace, but this area can get quite hot if you use the fireplace often and a delicate image may be damaged.  This can also be the case of the image is hung near a radiator. The canvas may melt over time and ruin the image. You should also be aware of exposing images to direct sunlight as they may fade over time. Museums take care when they hang images, so you must as well as they can’t be hung just anywhere in the home. For a more entry-level protection, consider our plexiglass option when composing your custom picture frame on our website.

Pick the Right Frame

It can be a good idea to get a custom picture frame for your artwork, so you can get things to look just the way you want. Museums use all sorts of fancy frames to highlight artwork and you can, too. There are many things that can add variety to a frame such as the right mat, so you have some decisions to make before you hang the images, but the easiest way to frame pictures like a museum is by putting a custom picture frame around it.

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Custom picture frames can make your images stand out. Take these tips from the pros at museums and use them to arrange your image display. You have a lot of options available to allow your own personality and style shine through.

Do you have other ideas for displaying picture frames in your home?


How to Measure for a Picture Frame

Getting a custom picture frame will improve any image you have and look amazing on the wall. One of the common questions we are asked is how people should measure to get the best size of custom picture frame. Aside from style options -a certain frame style may look better with a smaller image than a large one- knowing how to measure for a picture frame takes a bit of knowledge. In the video and the blog post below, we’ll show you exactly how to measure for a picture frame.

Step One: Take Your Measurements

The first thing you need to do is take the measurements of your images. This is easy to do with a tape measure or a standard ruler. All you need to do is measure the width and the height of the image you wish to hang on the wall and write those measurements down.

Step Two: Measure the Outer Edge for Just a Frame

If you want only a picture frame and nothing else added, make sure you measure from one outer edge to the other outer edge of the image that you wish to hang. The artwork is going to be the exact outside width and height of the image you’re using. Anything outside of those measurements will be covered by the frame once you put the picture in, so keep in mind what you want to show.

Step Three: Using a Mat

If you’re using a mat, you need to take off 1/8th of an inch from each side of the image you wish to use which allows the mat to overlap. It’s your decision whether you want a mat or not, but it can add some flair to your images. It’s usually used for smaller images but also works for larger works.

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Step Four: If You Have No Mat

If you don’t want a mat, just measure from one outer edge to the other of the image you wish to hang.

Step Five: Visit Our Site

The next step involves visiting our site and picking the perfect frame for your picture. We have the biggest selection of wooden and metal frames available, and can offer you some styling tips in our blog or you can pick from the most popular five wooden frames we offer. You can pick the exact frame size you want, choose a mat finish, backing type, plexiglass, linen liner, frame type, and so on. 

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You have a few things to consider before selecting a frame. Once you’ve made up your mind on style choices, you now also know how to measure for a picture frame. For any other questions about framing, watch our other instructional videos, or visit our assembly instructions page.


How to Enhance a Room with Custom Picture Frames

Whenever you do any interior design or decorating, you have many design decisions that you have to keep in mind. There are several ways to enhance a room and turn it from plain to extraordinary. One way to enhance any room in your home is by using custom picture frames. Below, we’ve listed some ways you can take picture frames and use them in any room in your home to showcase your design skills and overall style.

picture frames can truly enhance a room

Highlight an Image or Artwork

One way you can use custom picture frames to enhance a room is to take an image that you love and highlight that image in the room. When you use a nice picture frame, the image that you love is just going to stand out and it’s going to become a real highlight of the room where the picture is in. By leaving considerable space around it, you’ll draw even more attention to the frame. There are many different types of frames that you can buy which will match the style and design of the individual room that you want to change.

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Focal Point

If you want to enhance a room, you might want to create a focal point in the room. For example, this might be a nice leather couch and a matching loveseat. You might have a specific book case or another piece of furniture that is elegant and attracts the eye. Another way that you can add a focal point to a room is by using an attention-grabbing picture frame. This can be one of the first things a person sees when they come into the room. Their eyes are attracted to the image and the picture frame and this becomes one of the standard pieces of the room.

Fill a Plain Wall

One problem we often encounter when we’re trying to design a room, is that we can’t find anything to cover a certain wall. If you have a wall in one of your rooms that is plainly boring, you can spice it up by adding picture frames, or make a wall collage or gallery. When you add frames to the wall, you turn any ordinary wall into a place where memories and positivity are centered in your house.

Add to Your Theme

Perhaps you already have a room all laid out with a certain theme. You can add it to that theme in the room by using a custom picture frame that has the colors and certain design features that the room already has. This can make the room look much better, as everything is now uniform and you’re adding more visual appeal.

Showcase Your Love or Art and Images

You might be someone that simply loves artwork and taking photographs. You could enhance a room with a display of various picture frames which highlight certain images that you love. This will showcase your individual style and turn the room into a real talking point.


There are many ways to enhance a room. Using our custom picture frames, you’ll never run out of options to decorate and draw attention to the things you find most important in your life.

Do you have other ways that you like to use picture frames for designing a room?


Our 5 Most Popular Wooden Custom Picture Frames

Are you looking for wooden custom picture frames? There are many different wooden frames you can choose from, but it can be hard to find the ones that stand out. We offer a wide range of picture frames to suit your individual needs. To help you navigate our catalogue, we’ve listed the five most popular wooden custom picture frames. All the frames have various options available, such as Plexiglass, frame size, liner, and a mat.

image featuring the five most popular wooden custom picture frames sold on www.framesbymail.com

1. simple classic wood custom picture frame1″ Flat Top Black

Our top seller among the popular wooden custom picture frames is this classic, elegant, and simple flat top. It’s easy to see why this quality black border is so popular. It will go with many different interiors and is available for a great price. This basic frame will look great in any room of your home. If you want to make this basic frame a little more adventurous, you can play with the double mat to add some color or detail.

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2. 1-1/8″ Reverse Mahoganyreverse mahogany wood custom picture frame

Another excellent frame we offer is the 1-1/8″ Reverse Mahogany wooden picture frame. This frame has a more elegant feel due to the Mahogany and looks amazing in a classic environment. The color and design of this frame really stand out and the broader frame makes it perfect for bigger pictures or artwork.

3. rosewood thin wood custom picture frame1/2″ Rosewood

This slim rosewood frame is a middle ground between the elegant and ornamented look of the reverse mahogany and the classic straight lines of the 1” Flat Top Black. The rosewood looks simple but is very attractive for all your images. Because of the slim frame, it works very well for smaller images or a gallery wall.

4. 1black shaker style wood custom picture frame-1/4″ Black Shaker Style with Beveled Edges

Our 1-1/4″ Black Shaker Style with beveled edges is reminiscent of the shaker style furniture, with real wood and straight lines. The thicker frame balances out the straight lines, and the darker wood tones add a warmth to this frame. This frame is ideal for bigger pictures, but also works exceptionally well with a sizable light-colored mat with one small opening in the middle.

5. 7/8″ Natural Ash Clear Coatnatural ash wood clear coat custom picture frame

An absolute classic, and the most ‘wood’ looking custom picture frame we’ll find in this top five. The ash color is lovely on this frame and very pleasing. The natural color of the frame will highlight all your images and will work especially well with landscape images or images of nature scenes. The rugged look can be balanced out with a wider mat, but works very well with home decorations of bare or rugged-looking wood that are very popular these day.


These are the most popular wooden custom picture frames that we offer. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. We offer the largest selection of wooden custom picture frames of any online store and have many more that are worth a look. Use our handy art size feature to pick the right frame dimensions for your images, and customize the mat and other options to really make your frame your own.

Which of these five is your favorite?

5 Great Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is one of those key events that we all go through in life. Your child has spent all that time studying and they’re now entering the workforce or going to college and really growing up. Once graduation comes along, it’s time to celebrate and to look back on all that your children have achieved in their young lives. One way to celebrate is to buy some custom picture frames and add framed graduation gifts to celebrate this wonderful occasion. We have listed five graduation gift ideas below.

graduation is a great time for thoughtful gifts, so we offer 5 graduation gift ideas

Photographs from Child to Teenager

One of the first graduation gift ideas for any picture frame is some images from your child’s life. You could start the time they were born up until their graduation day. You have a lot of options here as to how you want to set the images up. Pick the best images you have of your child and pick one of our great frames to give them for graduation. You could do it in stages such as baby, toddler, child, teenager, and then graduation day.

A Highlight Reel of Important Life Events

Every child has some important events in their life and these moments can make for wonderful framed graduation gifts. Perhaps they won some trophy or did something amazing that makes them proud. You could highlight this important event that means a lot to them in a frame, so they have a treasure of that event they can look back on for years to come.

Encouraging Words

Becoming an adult can be a scary thing and we all need a bit of encouragement. Another thing you could add in your custom picture frames is sayings or words of encouragement for your child. If you have a religious family, this could be a verse from a religious text.

Collage in a boxed frame

Another graduation gift idea might be a collage revolving around their graduation. By picking one of our shadow box frames, you’ll not just have room for the diploma and pictures of (and leading up to) graduation day, but also include their graduation cap, a sports jersey or other school uniform they’ve worn in their school days, and perhaps the school’s logo.

Framed Diploma

Take the graduation image and diploma and add this to a nice frame to present to your child as a gift. This would give them an amazing keepsake they can look back on. You could take this a step higher and maybe add a small memento from their life to his frame as well as a ribbon or other small reward they received in life. This should be something from their early life as sit will contrast the major achievement of the diploma or you could just go with the diploma, it’s all up to you.

Read our blog post ‘5 documents worth framing‘ for the best tips on how to frame a valuable document.


Custom picture frames are full of great graduation gift ideas. Whether you chose a simple picture, a nice frame for the diploma, or a full-on collage that remembers all the highlights from your child’s school years, you have endless options to choose from. And if you order right now, you’ll get 5% or 15% off your custom picture frame order to celebrate your graduate. Just use the coupon code GRAD18 or GRAD5 when you’re checking out a qualified order.

a promo to accompany the blog post on graduation gift ideas

5 ‘Picture A Day Blogs’ Around the World

Do you love taking pictures? Many people enjoy the simple joy of taking pictures and sharing them with others. It’s a relaxing hobby that allows us to showcase our own individual style. Many photographers create fun picture books, use custom picture frames to make nice displays around the home or just have a fun time with images. As recent studies have shown, taking a picture every day can even be beneficial to your well-being. Some people post a daily picture on what could be called ‘picture a day blogs’. We have compiled a list of five such blogs that are definitely worth a visit.

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girl taking a picture with a camera

National Geographic

National Geographic features a photo a day page from each day of the year. The images are complete with a caption that shows what the images is all about. Individuals can send images to them. National Geographic features a storytelling community where you can get feedback on images, take part in various photo assignments and get images published on the daily photo page.

Lens New York Times

Lens from the New York Times features daily images from our world. These images can be graphic at times, so caution is advised as they showcase real events such as disasters, war and other topics. This blog gives you a unique view into our world with the events and forces that change it daily. The images are a powerful look into the human condition.

Woody Campbell

Woody Campbell offers a unique picture blog. He takes one picture each day and has been doing this since 2009. His goal is to take one image each day and post it on his blog until the end of his life. The images on the blog are also all in black and white. This is an amazing picture blog that you have to see.

A Picture Each Day

A Picture a Day feature images from each day of the year is one of the oldest ‘picture a day blogs’ dating from 2007. The blog hardly misses a day, so it’s a nice active picture a day blog. The images cover all sorts of topics and there’s a nice caption with each image for you to read. Anyone could start a blog like this and put their images up online. You could even take the best images, use some custom picture frames, and create some nice displays around your work space for inspiration when you work on your own blog.

365 Project

365 Project is an excellent photo a day site and a good learning tool. The goal is for the members to upload a picture a day for 365 days. Each member gets their own blog page and you can comment on the images. This is the perfect site to gather some inspiration and discuss your love of photography with other individuals. There’s over 160,000 members so there’s no shortage of great images to look at.


These blogs will give photography lovers a lot of inspiration. Maybe you could start your own blog to showcase your love for taking pictures. The best part about a picture a day blog is that there’s so many amazing sites to see as this list just scratches the surface. Do you have any picture a day blogs that you like to visit?

5 Amazing Ways to Decorate A Home Theater

Do you own a home theater or viewing room and you’re wondering how to make it pop? If you’re struggling to figure out how to decorate a home theater, you have come to the right place. One way to decorate a home theater is with custom picture frames. By adding frames around your theater, it highlights your own personal style which brightens the room and makes it an attractive place for everyone to enjoy movies together. We have found five way to use custom picture frames in your home theater.

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decorate a home theater with themed pictures using custom picture frames

Favorite Movie Scenes

We all have movies that we love and cherish. You might and some custom picture frames that have still images from your favorite movie scenes which you enjoy. This might be your favorite characters from a movie like a comic book hero, favorite villain, or regular movie hero. There’s many ways you could go about this. You could add a scene from each of your favorite genres, for example. This is a simple way to decorate a home theater with your own style.

Movie Memorabilia

Another option for your picture frames might include memorabilia. For example, you can buy replica props from famous movies and add those to a frame. Another idea would be to add some movie tickets to the frame in a decorative way or get signed photographs from famous people in Hollywood and add those to the wall. You might include a small piece of memorabilia along with an image of the actor or actress that used the piece in a movie.

Movie Posters

Another option to use custom picture frames is to add movie posters in a display around the theater. There are many different posters you can buy that would make a great way to decorate a home theater. If you have a famous movie genre like horror for example, you could turn the wall into a horror theme and run with that idea.

Showcase Your Love for Movies

One unique thing you could do with custom picture frames is to showcase your love for movies. Today, we often take pictures of places we go to and this can include the movies. You could add images of friends and family going out to enjoy the movies and add these to the frame with captions to highlight the movie you enjoyed.

Movie History

Another fun idea for picture frames might be to highlight the evolution and history of movie from the start of the silver screen up until today’s big stars. You could give this a museum like feel and make it unique. For example, you could take famous movie image from history and write a paragraph or two under it to showcase how it changed movies.


These are the top five ways that you can you can use custom picture frames to decorate a home theater. By adding frames, you’ll give the home theater a unique look which everyone will love. There’s many other ways that you can decorate a home theater with picture frames besides the ones listed.

Do you have your own ideas for using custom picture frames in your home theater?