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5 Custom Frames for Someone with a Special Hobby

Many of us have special hobbies that we love. If (part of) your hobby can be displayed, you might to showcase something unique from that hobby in a frame around your house. With the custom frames we listed below, you can highlight your love of a certain hobby. For five different hobbies, here are some of our products that can help you celebrate a hobby:

Special Sports Mats

Let’s say you love practicing a certain sport like baseball or basketball. You could highlight a small piece of memorabilia with a special sports mat. This can make the item stand out even more and draws the viewers’ eyes to the item within the display. You could use a sports card, image, or any other small item and highlight it with a custom mat.

LP Display Case

You may have a love of collecting records and old record memorabilia, or music in general. One way to display those old records is with an LP display case. You can showcase all the records that you love on your wall. You might decide to arrange them by the various genres such as rock, blues, jazz, country, and so on and use the display cases as a gallery display of your favorite artists.

Baseball Display Case

Baseball is a hobby that many people love. By using a baseball display case, you can showcase all the baseballs you have collected over the years. Some of them might even have signatures, so this is a great way to highlight some of the signatures you have from your favorite baseball players.

A Movie Poster Frame

A custom poster frame can be a great way to showcase your love of movies. You could display the various movie posters that you love on your wall. One way you could go about this would be to spice up a home theatre room. You could display movie posters based on genres or come up with your own theme to make the display unique.

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A Shadow Box

Another way to use custom frames is to use a shadow box idea. You could display small items in the box such as a picture, medals, ribbons, or other small items that you have. One way to use the box would be to display some type of award you have received or something that has sentimental value to your family. For example, maybe you won a small certificate or trophy at a sport. You could display this item in the shadow box. There’s many ways you can work with a shadow box, you’re only limited by your imagination.


You have many ways you can use custom picture frames. These frames can be used to highlight small items that you care about or create themes in your home such as pictures, posters, and so much more. By getting custom frames, you can use them to highlight your own design style and flair and to make your images and other items pop out at those that are viewing them.

5 Great Reasons to Get a Motivational Poster

Sometimes, we all need a little bit of motivation in our lives. One way to do this is with motivational posters. You can set them up in various places of your home, such as your office or living room. You can make the posters stand out even more with custom picture frames. If you want to inspire yourself, you should get a motivational poster and put in some place in your home where you can refer to it when you need a little boost of positivity. Here are five reasons why you should get a motivational poster.

As an Amazing Wishing Well Card

Sometimes we need some motivation to feel better. Instead of sending a cookie cutter ‘get well soon’ card or fruit basket, you send create an amazing looking card or poster with an uplifting message that the person will cherish long after they begin to feel better.

To Encourage Someone Going Through a Hard Time

In life we can have difficult times. When these times occur, it can put you through a lot of stress. You might want to get a motivational poster in this case and use a custom picture frames to make the poster unique. A poster can help you or a loved one rise above the challenge they are facing and feel better about themselves and the difficulty they have been confronted with.

When Your Significant Other is Studying Abroad or Deployed in the Military

It’s extremely challenging to be away from the people we love for extended periods. A good motivational poster can make you feel encouraged and help you get through the challenges of missing that person you care about the most in your life. The poster will help you through your day and make you smile as you think about the other person and when you’re going to see them again.

When Someone is Nearing the End of a Tough Project

Often in life we have challenge such as a project which takes up lot of our time. We can feel run down and discouraged as we work which may lead to a lack of incentive to complete the project. A good motivational poster can help keep you engaged in the project as you know you’re almost done, you just have to push a little bit more to get it completed. A motivational poster can be ideal if you have a deadline for a project that must be completed and just need a little extra push forward to finish.

To Get the Most Out of Yourself

In life we can need a small extra push to get things done. For example, maybe you’re giving up smoking or trying to lose weight.  The right motivational poster can help give you that little bit of extra incentive you need to rise above your challenge and push through to success.


Custom picture frames can help your posters stand out and look great. If you need a bit more incentive in your life a motivational poster is the way to go. And with our promotion, you can get a custom motivational poster that’s ready to hang for under $30.



An Introduction to Our Custom Picture Mat Designer

If you have a picture you’d like framed, there are several ways to make the picture and your custom picture frame work together better. Choosing a good mat is one of the biggest subtle changes you can make to the overall aesthetics of a framed picture. Our unique custom picture mat designer makes picking a great mat even easier. It even allows you to cut your own openings and combine different mats for a stunning composition. With our custom mat designer, every part of your custom framed picture is truly custom!

a picture with a frame and a picture mat to illustrate how to use our custom picture mat designer

Why use a picture mat?

A well-chosen mat will lead the viewer’s eye to the artwork. The mat creates a neutral zone between the artwork and the frame. Sometimes, the color of the mat enhances the viewer’s experience with the artwork as the eye is drawn to a particular color. The mat can also isolate the artwork and underline the artist’s vision. This way, nothing else distracts the viewer.

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The mat can also provide the function of protecting your artwork. The mat protects the artwork from any condensation. This helps protect from paper bulking, mildew or loss of color. Mats make sure the artwork maintains its pristine look for many years to come.

Our Single Mat Wizard

When you open our custom picture mat designer, you have two options. Each of these comes with its own wizard that guides you through the process. The first wizard we offer is the single-mat designer which is perfect for a custom picture frame with just one picture. You often use a single mat on posters, contemporary art, and abstract art as the single mat can give the work a fashionable, clean, and a sleek look.

To use this feature, you want to select the size you want for the mat opening.  You can choose up to three different mats on top of each other for a layered design. You can then pick the colors that you want for your mats. When you’re ordering a full frame, you’ll also see our other customization option, such as Plexiglass and backing.

Our Multi-Opening Mats

Our multi-opening mat designer is unique in the world of custom picture frames. This wizard basically allows you to use the mat as a canvas in which you can create a new artform in itself. The wizard guides you through the following steps:

  • Decide on how many openings you want in your mat
  • Adjust the size and shape of each of the openings
  • Pick the colors for the mat(s); you can pick up to three mats with the designer
  • Once the multi-opening mat is designed, upload your images
  • Pick a frame to finish your unique project

Special Mats

We also feature ready-made special mats such as a cutout word that you might desire for various images you have. These work well for special occasions like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or holidays.


Our unique custom picture mat designer gives you the opportunity to truly customize every part of your custom picture frame. The mat designer is easy to use and helps you to get just the right look for all your images. Try the custom mat designer for yourself and let us know what you created!

5 Categories With Unique Custom Picture Frames That Might Tickle Your Fancy

Are you looking for unique custom picture frames? Our catalog offers many options that give you the perfect chance to find a unique custom picture frame. This way, your most unique pictures have a frame to match it. As always, you also have many options to make your frame even more unique, such as mats, liner, plexiglass, sizing and other features. Below we have listed five of our categories full of unique custom picture frames to spark your creativity.

Wood Veneer Frame from the blog post on Unique Custom PIcture Frames

Wood: Specialty Finishes

If you need a nice wooden frame with a unique and stylish design, be sure to check out our ‘specialty finishes’ category. These wooden custom picture frames are a cut above the average frame and give you many options and ideas for your pictures. There are many different colors as well as design you can pick from and by using our custom options you can add different matting, Plexiglass, get the right size and much more.

Wood: Stainless Steel on Wood

These frames give you the attractiveness of stainless steel over a wooden frame and are very unique looking. They would make an ordinary wall pop out and attract the eye to the images you are displaying. We feature many styles of stainless steel over wood for you to choose from. Be sure to pick your options to make the frame personalized to your tastes before you complete your custom picture frames order.

Wood: Veneer

Our veneer frames have a very rustic and antique look to them. They can be a real highlight on the wall as they have an amazing appearance. There’s several different colors to choose from and each frame is a standout. Your pictures will look very attractive when you choose one of these frames. Make sure you get the options you need like matting, liner, and Plexiglass before you complete your order.

Metal: Unique

In some cases, you may be looking for unique custom picture frames and these unique metal frames offer you a lot of variety. There’s many different colors and style options. For example, you may want a thick or a thinner frame for your pictures and you’ll find these with out custom metal frames. The unique designs are sure to showcase your pictures in just the right way. Be sure to pick your options like matting and Plexiglass before you finalize your order.

Wood: Bamboo

For a truly unique and special look, you might go with a bamboo custom picture frame. This sort of frame can match many different design styles you may have in your home and it gives you a very rustic look for all of your images. These frames have added detail and some of them are distressed looking to match your décor style. You can’t go wrong with these stellar bamboo frames. Pick your options before you buy to make them stand out even more.

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There are plenty of choices to find a great frame outside the mainstream. You have many custom picture frame choices. You’re sure to find several good uses with our unique custom picture frames. Your pictures are especial to you, so make them stand out with high quality frames.

What sorts of design ideas have you come up with for arranging your picture frames?

3 Blog Posts We Loved in May

We love photography and the visual arts. That’s why we’re always looking to find you the best blog posts. In this post, we give you an overview of the most popular blog posts we told you about in May. Take a look at our Facebook page to never miss one again. And if you’ve got a blog you want to share, just leave it in the comments below!

Home décor: Simple Tips for Decorating With Accessories

Decorating with accessories can be tricky. It’s a fine line between well-chosen accessories that add soul to your living spaces and a cluttered space full of knick-knacks. To get the balance right, Tonya Lee shares six clear principles that will help everyone in their decision-making process. By following these simple tips, you’ll know that what to place where in your house, and which items to place in the donation bin.

Photography: 5 Easy Fixes for Common Posing Mistakes

Couple pictures can be the cutest thing in the world, but it’s very likely that it takes a lot of tries to get a picture just right…

With this blog post, you’ll improve all your couple pictures by remembering five simple tweaks. And if five tips are too much to remember, just remember that the closer you stand, the cuter the picture seems to get.

Visual arts: Stars of Night, the World Light Painting Mosaic

This piece of artwork is truly unique. It blends different art forms to honor one of the greatest paintings known. Light painting is a special photography form where you leave the shutter open longer. This captures the movement of light to create a new shape. This mosaic was created by cutting the original image into 456 ‘tiles’. Next, people signed up to participate in the final product. Piece by piece, this mosaic was completed to the point where all of the painting was reflected in 456 uniquely-made mosaic tile pictures. It’s an inspiring project on many different levels, and worth a visit.

Frames by Mail blog: 5 ‘Picture A Day Blogs’ around the world

Ironically, your favorite blog post this month was an introduction to five different photography blogs. These five picture-a-day blogs made for the most visited blog post in May.

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How to Assemble A Metal Picture Frame

Do you want to know exactly how to assemble a metal picture frame? This isn’t a very complicated process, but we have made it even easier for you with our guide. After reading this blog, you’ll be well on your way to assemble a metal picture frame in record time and ready for all your great images.

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Step One: The Box

Your frame comes to you in a custom fitted box. Take care when opening the box and use scissors or another tool to cut the seams of tape to open your box. Open the box and remove all the packing for the frame.

Step Two: Getting Ready to Assemble the Frame

The hardware for the frame will be in a separate bag inside the box, so make sure to put it aside as you’ll use it to build the frame. All the accessories required come with your purchase. There’s no picture wire included, so check out our supplies page for any hardware options when you place your order. The assembly pieces are labelled by their size and color so it’s easy to put together and this is in a separate box. Lay out the pieces and open the hardware bag.

Step Three: Basic Assembly

Start the assembly by locating the corner brackets. The male and female pieces fit together with the screw notches face up. You can then line this up with a piece of the frame which has notches on the back of it for the bracket. The long-sided frame piece is the base and you can assemble the shorter sides with brackets to the base. Next, tighten the screws so the pieces don’t wobble and lock in place. Leave the top frame piece, as assembly is later.

still from the video on how to assemble a metal picture frame

Step Four: Artwork and Mat

Put the mat on the print you have in this step. A single piece of tape on the top side of the artwork with sticky side up is what you want to do here as you line up your mat. Add your backing to the mat and the artwork. Put this underneath and lineup the outer edge to the outer edge. Clean off any debris which may have transferred to the artwork, mat or backing with a cloth so this doesn’t show up on the Plexiglass.

Step Five: Plexiglass and Picture Assembly

Peel the coating off one side of the Plexiglass. You them place this on top of the matted piece with the other covered coating side of the Plexiglass face up. You can line up everything and then remove the other coating side. Next, slide the entire piece into the grooves of the frame pieces and put the top piece on with the brackets.

Step Six: Spring Clips

Next part of the custom picture frame assembly is to install the spring clips. You push these gently under the lip of the frame which makes everything tight. Do this at the top and bottom of each side of the frame. You can then install the hanging brackets on the frame. In the bottom corners, you can install wall bumpers. These will protect the frame as well as the wall from scuffs.


It’s easy to learn how to assemble a metal custom picture frame. If you need any help, send us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to help you out.

How are you using your new custom picture frames?

5 Ideas for the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Looking for that perfect Father’s Day gift? Father’s Day is an important day to celebrate everything about fathers. Many people opt for typical gifts such as new tools, sporting goods, and other usual suspects. But you can celebrate Father’s Day in many other ways. One very thoughtful and personal way to celebrate is by giving something framed. Our frames (and whatever you put in them) make special gifts that dad will treasure for years to come. We offer many different options, so you can be sure to find just the right frame for your perfect Father’s Day gift. Below we’ve listed five perfect Father’s Day gift options to add to your frames.

image of a father and son enjoying a sunset, accompanying a blog post on the perfect Father's Day gift

Sports Mat for Sports Themed Gifts

We offer a unique assortment of sports mats like football, golf, and basketball. These stunning backgrounds are the perfect way to highlight some sports-themed images, sports cards, or any other small sports-related memorabilia that your dad cherishes.  For example, you might take an image of dad making that big golf swing and add that to the golf style mat background.

Box Frame

One great gift idea is to take a small item like a golf ball, softball or other small items and use one of our display cases. These are small cases that will showcase the item you wish to display. Maybe your dad has a signed baseball he would like to display or another small sports item he treasures. These cases can highlight the item and make his treasured items an eye-catching centerpiece in your house.

Highlight Accomplishments

Your father probably has probably accomplished a great deal in his life. He might have a special award, certificate, ribbon or something else that means a lot to him. You could highlight this special item with a custom picture frame to show that you are proud of him and what he has accomplished. You have a lot of options and ideas that you could use here.

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Friends and Family

Another great custom picture frame options would be to showcase images where your dad is with friends and family. Maybe this was a special event like party, anniversary, holiday or another special day. This could also be a way to highlight friends or co-workers. If your dad served in the military, for example, you might showcase some of his close friends in a multiple- opening frame.

Multi-Opening Picture Idea

Sometimes the perfect Father’s Day gift can be very simple. You might get a single multi-opening frame and spell out the word ‘father’ in an attractive way and present this as his gift. Each of the letters in our ‘father’ frame fits one picture. This would be a wonderful way to highlight his big day. Aside from just pictures, you could even decorate this frame with notes or other small pieces of memorabilia.


There are many ways you can use frames and custom picture frame this Father’s Day. Show your love of dad with some unique frames and give him something he can look at as a reminder or how much you care about him. Do you have your own perfect Father’s Day gift ideas with frames? You have a lot of options and ways of doing this so get creative and use these ideas as your guide.

Our 5 Most Popular Valucore Custom Picture Frames

Are you looking for Valucore custom picture frames? These picture frames can make any images you have standout on your walls. There are many different styles of these frames to choose from, so we have listed the five most popular Valucore custom picture frames you might want to use for all your picture needs. Through our site, you’ll be able to customize your frames with sizing, backing Plexiglass, liner, and any necessary backing. It’s easy to pick your options once you’ve decided on the frame you wish to buy.

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1 1/2″ Flat Black with Bevel Lip

This frame has a nice bevel feature and the black color is very attractive. It’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular Valucore  custom picture frames. The main frame is quite wide, making it a good highlight for all your images. Make sure you pick your options before you buy to make this frame stand out even more.

2″ Flat Espresso

This flat-looking frame has a very wide border, so it will make an image stand out nicely. It would be perfect for images that you want to draw the eye to. Like all our frames, you have many different options to choose from such as mats, plexiglass, liner, and frame size, to make the frame the perfect match for your pictures.

3 1/2″ Antique Gold

This frame has a very nice antique feel to it and the gold color stands out nicely. The border is very wide, so it would be perfect for that special image you want to highlight in the room. The antique style of this frame can make even a boring display into an extraordinary one.

3 5/8 Mahogany Ornate Rope

This black frame is very unique looking. The wood is Mahogany, and it features a great rope-like ornate design on the frame which stands out well. This is one of the nicer Valucore custom picture frames we offer. Make it even more attractive with added features like picture mats, plexiglass, and other options we have made available for your frame.

1 5/8″ White Bead Lip

This frame has a nice white distressed look to it. The large frame would make a wonderful highlight for your image. You’ll also get a superb antique style feel with this frame and it would make a great addition to any room that featured white distressed style furnishings or other similar picture frames.


These are some of the most popular Valucore custom picture frames we hve to offer. When you design any room, you can customize the area and make it a unique experience for everyone by adding some small touches like customized picture frames. Do you have any design options you like to use for your picture frames? There’s so many options for creating just the right room to showcase your love of photography

How to Hang Pictures – 4 Ways to Get Your Artwork up on the Wall

Many people wonder how to hang pictures correctly on their walls. There are several different ways to hang your images, picture frames, or custom picture frames, so they display in a nice attractive way on the wall.  Before you actually hang the pictures, measure everything so you know the exact size of the frames you need. You’ll need to look at the overall space and decide how you want to arrange things before you start hanging. It’s always a good idea to sketch out the overall arrangement before you hang the images to get a good idea of how you want things. Below we’ve listed the four main ways to answer the question of how to hang pictures on your wall.

this blog post shows you how to hang a picture


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Mounting Brackets on the Wall

One way to hang your custom picture frame is with mounting brackets. Visit our supply page to pick up some brackets to mount your images. Make sure you use a stud finder to ensure the picture is held in place securely. These brackets are usually quite sturdy and a good option for most pictures. Check out our instruction page for proper installation.

Attaching A Wire to Both Ends of The Frame

Another common option to hang a picture frame is to use a wire which attaches to each end of the frame. We offer several different wires for your picture frames. Picture wire is very easy to install. You just measure the frame from end to end, save some wiggle room, and then cut off the right length of wire for the frame. You’ll need some strap hangers to attach the wire to.

A Saw Tooth Hanger

Another option for lighter picture frames is to use a saw tooth hanger. Refer to our supplies page for saw tooth hanger options for all your custom picture frames. Make sure the hanger won’t be seen from above the frame so take care before you install it. The installation of a saw tooth hanger is quite easy. It’s best to install the hanger in the middle of the frame so the frame hangs evenly. You can make a pencil mark at the frame center point and align the hook with it. Some hooks have a mark in the middle which makes it easier to do. Use a hammer or a screwdriver depending upon what the hanger needs for installation.

Security Locks

If you want to know how to hang picture frames in the best way, take a look at our security locks. These locking systems have major benefits. They will secure the artwork in your wall, so it doesn’t fall off. It also prevents tampering or theft of the artwork. If you want your treasured artwork to be safe, security locks are the way to go. These locks are easy to set up and come in a ready-to-go kit, so you have everything you need to install them.


Now that you’ve seen the four best ways, you’ll never have to wonder how to hang pictures again. These are the best ways to install your picture frames and custom picture frames. Your frames will look great on the wall and you have several options for setting them up. Security locks are the best option as they have more benefits than other mounting techniques.

What option do you like the best to install your picture frames?